The greatest lesson from Senator Ademola Adeleke’s victory

Adeleke orders reconstruction of culvert after 17 years of abandonment

The greatest lesson I learnt from Senator Ademola Adeleke’s victory is the the role of the family in his success.

The patriarch of this aristocratic family from Ede was a senator during Papa Awolowo’s UPN.


Late Isiaka Adeleke was the first democratically elected governor of Osun state.


I was in the university during his reign (1992 to 93). His nick name was Serubawon. I had the opportunity to have met him once in Lagos. Isiaka was a bonhomie!!!


Serubawon died, Ademola replaced him at the senate. This is the journey of Ade dancer into politics.

He was not prepared, not educated enough but he has his family to cover his inadequacies.


They said he did not go to school, after losing in 2018, he went to USA to develop himself. Came back and contest.

Davido practically cancelled all his engagements this weekend for his uncle.


Shina Rambo is Ademola’s son, he was with his father all through.


Deji Adeleke, Davido’s father a billionaire is the financial backbone of the family. Deji is a billionaire, Davido is a billionaire. Can you beat that?


Just like the patriarch of Kennedy’s family single handedly sponsored his son (John F Kennedy) to become the first catholic to become POTUS, both Deji and Davido must have invested heavily in Ademola’s project.


I love one of Davido’s quote: “We rise by lifting others”

How about you?

Have you lifted others in your family?

How many of your family members has benefited from your wealth or intelligence?

Do you oppress your family members with your wealth or position in the society?

Have you added values to many people’s life with your gifts?


Think about it.


The Adelekes are wonderful family.


Today change your philosophy to:

“We rise by lifting others”


And I love my friend and my Pastor’s quote: Whatever you make happen for someone, God will make happen for you.

You are helping yourself if you help your family.

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