The hypocrisy of Iyiola Akogun

Permit me to congratulate you on your daughter’s wedding ceremony sir, it is the prayer of every father to give his daughter out in marriage, May Almighty God bless the union.


In an interview with L’Equip, a French based newspaper, Arsene Wenger said ” my relationship with time is filled with anxiety. I’m always fighting against it. That’s why I ignore what’s in the past”. “But unfortunately we at this point won’t ignore the past, because they say, the evil or good you do, will always live with you.”


Arsene Wenger went further to say “I’m always afraid of being late. Of not being ready. Of not being able to accomplish what I’ve planned. My relationship with time is distressing in every way. Going back in time, looking back is just as scary. First of all it’s scary because there’s not as much to come as what has already been lived… The only way to fight time is to not look back too much. If you do, it can make you feel anxious and guilty”.


In your case I know you have written about it that you don’t ever regret your role in edging out the ‘hegemony, the failed government’ which brought me to ask, why you have to stage your daughter’s wedding in the Kwara State bouquet hall, built by the supposedly failed government with the tax payers money?


The Yoruba will say ‘eni ti o ba ni ti ju ni oju ti’. You went on to radio to preach against bad practices week in week out, at the slightest opportunity, to malign and brutalize the past administration, but you and your otoge crooners are just as bad or even worse than what you preach.


I might be wrong though, maybe you paid for the hall and paid for the cost of running generator from morning till evening, perhaps you can show us the receipt at which you made the deposit.


Or Gov AA just used that to douse the tension between you too, which I don’t expect you to be so cheap as to soil your reputation if there was ever one.


Yusuf Adebayo

writes from Ilorin.

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