The Irony Of Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District

Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District

How Adams Oshiomhole pushes some persons from Edo South Senatorial District up and down do beats my imagination…And I want to believe that, the retentive memories of some of these my brothers and sisters in that district are not faulty.


Just about three years ago, Adams Oshiomhole betrayed a technocrat, a former permanent Secretary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the First Executive Governor of Edo State, a world class Benin politician in the person of H. E. Chief John Odigie Oyegun and overthrew him through a coup to replace the former Governor of Edo State with himself as APC National Chairman only to mismanaged the position that, Edo people to lost out from the APC National political equation. And to think, this is not enough to distance themselves calls for sorbet reflection.

Some years ago, the likes of H.E. Chief Lucky Igbinedion, his father, the most Reverend Esama of Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and host of others helped him behind to become the Governor of Edo State. What did they get from Adams Oshiomhole? Insults upon insult that today, even the APC candidate is battling with his present association with Adams Oshiomhole considering what the later said about him in the past.


In case we have forgotten, Adams Oshiomhole humiliated and demonized one of the few past Governor of the defunct Bendel State, H.E. late Samuel Ogbemudia only to later buy him a vehicle to collaborate his statement that he related the Benin people with fowls.

As if that was not enough, Adams Oshiomhole treated a University don, a former Vice Chancellor of the greatest University of Benin in the person of Professor Oshodin like a rag.

Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District
The Irony Of Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District

Adams Oshiomhole trickily deceived the Benin people that, he was converting the College of Education located in Ekiadolor to a University level so he could get support to set up a University in Iyamoh. Adams pumped Edo State moneys to Edo University Iyamoh but later abandoned Ekiadolor that later became a shadow of itself. To say, he knew what he was doing, Ekiadolor had structures to even improve upon unlike the Edo University in his traditional home that started from not even an existing primary school building. Today, I challenge all to go and check the two schools.


Adams Oshiomhole said, if you want to catch a Benin Man, all you need to do is to throw at them corn and like fowls, they will start eating to enable you fool them…

Adams Oshiomhole only insulted Chief Tony Anenih once and the whole Esan people from Edo Central Senatorial District have since distant themselves from him. The few people you presently see around him are only being used to monitor his ignorance. He can never have a voice in Edo Central because, we know he has nothing to offer but selfish interest for himself.


I can challenge anyone, the problem Adams Oshiomhole had with Governor Godwin Obaseki is informed by Mr. Obaseki’s intelligent understanding of Adams plans to meek Edo State dry the more but never gave such opportunity. This is the main reason he decided to gather committee of vexing people to start fighting Mr. Godwin Obaseki.


If what Adams Oshiomhole is doing to Governor Godwin Obaseki, that H.E. Mr. Obaseki was from Edo Central, considering all the above undisputed facts, no matter the benefit and interest, the Esan people will join hand to support Mr. Godwin Obaseki. In fact, no other Esan person will present a candidate just to prove that, Adams Oshiomhole is not God. Adams Oshiomhole has no plan for even the people he is presently backing. The records are there. Whatever he is doing is for his own personal interest.

Do not get me wrong. This is not to say, the Esan people are wiser than the Benin people. No, but that my brother and sisters in Edo South should shine their eyes. Adams Oshiomhole should not be given any further opportunity to feel, he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Edo South Nation like he is already claiming for Edo North. If he so much like Edo South, why did he treated Hon. Dr. Pius Odubu who was even his Deputy Governor? According to our source, he said, he did not trust Dr. Odubu. That even the likes of Dr. Odubu and co are still following him is very shocking to me.


I get pissed off to see some people from that Senatorial District still considering him as lord. Of course, he deliberately abandoned Edo Central throughout his eight years in government as Governor because, he know very well that, we are not push over.


I should have expect the Edo South people to for once teach that man a bitter lesson that, they are not fools.

To crown it all, even most of the people of Edo North are already tired of his domineering attitude. Apart from the few people who survive by the remnants he drop on the floor for them to pick for their daily bread, majority of Edo North people are no longer comfortable with his tricks. No one can challenge me for debate against the fact that, the Deputy Governor who is presently leading the team of “let’s end and burry godfatherism” in Edo State was brought to real political sagacity by Adams Oshiomhole. If the Comrade, my President, the Deputy Governor, H.E Rt. Hon. Phillip Shaibu can say, let stop Adams Oshiomhole, why do you think, you will know more than Mr. Phillip? To those who cares to know, Adams Oshiomhole success as NLC President depended on Philip Shaibu who was the NANS President. The former NANS President was very instrumental in the mobilisation that gave success to Adams Oshiomhole’s credit. And I was an undergraduate that was deeply involved in the student’s politics. So, I know what am saying because, I knew what transpired as it were.

Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District
The Irony Of Adams Oshiomhole vs The People Of Edo South Senatorial District

I want to say, any promise being assured them by Adams Oshiomhole is to further give himself accolades to promote his selfish interest and not for the interest of Edo South or Edo people.


To me, I strongly believe that, my dear brothers and sisters, even amongst them in APC should join hands with us in PDP to tell Adams Oshiomhole that, he is not God. Come to think of it, what exactly was Governor Godwin Obaseki’s offense that even the President of Nigeria could not resolve as it were?


No matter the offense, can anyone treat Adams Oshiomhole the way he has treated Governor Godwin Obaseki?

Let me say it clear and loud, Adams Oshiomhole was the reason my decision to remain and support my party was very easy. An injury to one is an injury to all…



Mike O. Enahoro

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