The Murder of Deborah Samuel And The Chants Of Justice

My heart was heavy and my eyes were ladened up with tears after seeing the remnants of an innocent soul burnt to death for an offense she committed out of naivety. She is like a toddler who knows not, the right and wrong.


She vented and expressed her disapproval as a fanatic who held her beliefs in high esteem. Instead of ignoring the chats, she expressed her intolerance by condemning religious posts on their group. Of course, no WhatsApp group will discuss what it is solely created for if such group is not restricted to only administrators, not even a class WhatsApp group of that nature. Deborah should have ignored having known the nature and terrain of her ambience to stir clear of extremists. For a WhatsApp group that housed fanatics and extremists, one needs to be tolerant if it is a must to belong to that group. Extremists do not have the strength to embrace direct attacks on their religious doctrine. They go extra mile to cause mayhem without minding the consequences. They always assume their belief is right and nothing must go against it. They are omnidirectional and twist the preachings of the Holy Quran and the practice of the Holy Prophet in the opposite direction. They always claim to fight for God but go against Him in totality. Their arena is the headquarters of all evils and aberrant behaviors. They are heartless beasts who perpetrate evil in the name of religion. Their actions and deeds did not represent Islam. They are hypocrites bewitched and brainwashed to practice evil in the name of religion. The extremists are known for violence.


What happened in Sokoto is just an attestation to the forced amalgamation of the regions. In actuality, the regions are not alike in all ramifications. From culture, attitudes, beliefs, and climatic factors, the difference is conspicuous. Why not restructuring? The number one problem facing the country is the amalgamation, a forced marriage that has yielded no fruit but sorrow, pains, agony, and pangs. It is a marriage of death, insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, IPOB, and ‘Boko haramimg’ from far north, south east and west. Other harmful results of the amalgamation are corruption and self-interest which have contributed to the retarded growth of the country. Of what benefit is the amalgamation since 1914 except the wobbled and disjointed unity in diversity.


Anytime there is extrajudicial killing in Nigeria, people always clamor for justice, stage protests for some days for media attention, and go back to rest. It means the justice we are calling upon had gone to eternal slumber. No justice in Nigeria, justice for this, justice for that, it ends in the media, not even when people that will administer justice are afraid to condemn the brutal killing. The one that managed to condemn it deleted it within a twinkle of an eye because of massive votes. If they value power more than people, then, where is justice? Find me one.


The Sokoto event if not proactively curtailed will transmogrify to war. The ‘extremists’ fear no one, not even the paramount ruler. They understand only one language which is violence. The safety of people is no more guaranteed as attacks are being launched on innocent people. Before it escalates to other states, Mr. President should break the silence and face the reality before it goes out of hand. If Sanusi Lamido could be dislodged as a king for speaking the truth to power on the almajiri system, who else is safe from attack by the blood thirsting extremists hiding under the guise of religion? Tell me, who else?


Emphatically, the Islamic religion does not support killing as a punishment for blasphemy. No one can fight for God and Islam is a religion of peace. No justification for Deborah’s killing. It is extremists’ usual act of wickedness. What is the difference between Deborah’s killers and Boko Haram? They are birds of a feather. They are replicas of Boko haram. I join other Nigerians to condemn the act and call for the dead justice to rise.

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