The Mystery of Major U .J UNDIANYEDE

On the 18th of May 2022, the country was awash with the viral news of Major U.J. UNDIANYEDE committing suicide.


Who is he?
Why will a Major kill himself?
Why will an officer that was about to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel kill himself, 4 months into his promotion?


Major U.J UNDIANYEDE was a battalion commanding officer who was very ruthless with the Boko Haram terrorist sect. He led many clearance operations in the Northeast, dislodging Boko Haram in their numbers. His great service to Nigeria eventually led to his untimely death.


His action to summarily execute those captured terrorist, didn’t go down well with some vested interest within and outside the Army. So they called for Major U.J UNDIANYEDE’S head. That was the the beginning of his many troubles, that eventually led to his death.


His problem in the Army started when him and his boys arrested some Boko Haram confirmed terrorists, & handed them over to his superiors. He was just doing his job as a discipline Soldier. One day, him & his men came under a heavy Boko Haram attack that almost claimed their lives.


So Major U.J UNDIANYEDE and his men traced and arrested some of the insurgents who attacked them.
But he was surprised to find some of the terrorists he had previously arrested and handed over to his superiors amongst the attackers. For that reason, he summarily executed them.

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Because to him, if he takes them to his superiors, they will eventually release them again. And those terrorist will return back to the forest to continue with their terrorist acts. So Major U.J UNDIANYEDE, didn’t bother to inform his superiors before killing them.


He was framed up, arrested, and accused frivolously. Claims those fighting him couldn’t substantiate with evidence.
OBEY THE LAST ORDER IN THE MILITARY, & YOU MUST NOT OPPOSE YOUR SUPERIOR, didn’t allow him enough listening ears. His voice was too lonely in the wilderness.


No one cared to give him a listening ear. or see the reasons why he had to kill that terrorist. Why did he take such action?
Those in bed with a vested interest, in prosecuting the fight against terrorism, were against his action. Even though, they knew that terrorists were confirmed.

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Major U.J UNDIANYEDE was eventually forced to a military court-martial, at the Army Ist Division in Kaduna State.
He and his boys were accused to have committed some infractions in the Northeast while fighting the Boko Haram sect. For which they were being tried.


It was a kangaroo court-martial, that was more like a gang-up, to deal with him, for standing up for Nigeria, and doing the right thing. Which is against the collective interest of those fighting him. He was also accused of misappropriation of funds, abandonment of military post, insubordination, and desertion, and others.


The main target of this court-martial was Major U.J UNDIANYEDE. They want to dismiss him from the Army and also jail him for a very long time. He cried out, but nobody cared to listen. He called for help, but there was none.


He is a member of NDA Course 55 Regular Officers, & members of his class, were due for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel this Sept 2022, of which Major U.J UNDIANYEDE would have been part. But he was fighting a battle of his life & career. Against some powerful people.

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Without any hope on sight, haven known what the court-martial judgement will be, and haven known the consequences of the judgment, Major U.J UNDIANYEDE, decided to end it all. With only 3 days to the judgment, on the 16th of May, he committed suicide. He killed himself…..


Rather than face persecution that will lead to his dismissal from the Army, his imprisonment, and probably his death, he took his own life. Leaving behind his beautiful family, without saying goodbye. He used a service pistol to kill himself.


He died because he stood by the truth. He died because he wasn’t happy how some Senior Army Officers collude with terrorists. He died because he killed terrorists who tried to kill him & his men. He died because he believed, enough is enough with terrorist & their collaborators.



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