The Nigeria Police Is Still Gods Agent To Nigerians

The Nigeria Police Is Still Gods Agent To Nigerians


While it is an etcetera factotum that the battered image of the Nigeria police force is still under a ballooned behaviour, a critical review of their responsibility by workman security and peace committee shows that the Nigeria police force is an agent of God to Nigerians in the following sense amongst others:


  • When you are asleep, the police are awake to protect you.


  • When you take shelter from the rain or the scorching sun,the police is on duty under the same scorching sun and the drizzling rain to protect you and your environment.


  • When no one is ready to fight and protect your rights,the police take it upon themselves to fight and protect you.


  • When your asset are stolen,the police becomes a search agent to recover them for you.


  • When trouble shoots in the environment,the police make themselves available to make peace and order.


  • When brutal, vengeful, hatful and dreadful men and women shows force, the police is ready to pay with their lives by showing a counter force to overcome them.


This is who the police officers are, they are those who has sworn consciously to give their life for you that you may live and live in peace and security.

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The Young Hebrew Teacher named Yesuah said, Greater love no man has than this that a man will lay his life for his friend.


The police is truly your best friend.


When ever you see the police see a friendly force and not an enemy force.


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