Gbetu TV (News They Are Not Talking About)



Those who lives in a glass house and should not throw stones because same stones will hint them unexpectedly.


It’s no longer news that Edo state government has concluded plans to Probe the administration of the former Governor of Edo State comrade Adams Oshiomhole.


Yes, let the Probe also check the activities of the former economy adviser to the former Governor because every major decisions at that time was based on his advice. Why do you think you will eat your cake and have it?


This decision is not far from the extremely distasteful and unacceptable performance of this administration, because the citizens of Edo are asking questions of Plummeted governor, low infrastructural development and poor execution of contact and poor handling key sector of the economy.


How on Earth will the Comrade Governor build a five star hospital without equipments? It was gathered from a reliable source that Obaseki and his co-tranvellers are the verage to bring the name of comrade Governor to disrepute because Oshiomhole want good governance for people of Edo State.


In a related development, no serious government will abandoned projects and infrastructural development of his be predecessor if he want to deliver or succeed.


Finally, Obaseki is mendacious , perfidy and Conundrum in nature because they are not going to speak truth when investigating the said probe.

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