The Queen’s Burial: Only the US “Can”

Western nations ‘trying to slow march of history’ – Moscow

When a US president travels outside the US, it is a Demonstration of Military Might Designed for Awe and Intimidation.


It Cost Americans at least $85,000,000 (N59,500,000,000,00) 60 Billion Naira


….did you know that traffic in London was stopped for Biden’s Motorcade, a courtesy that is not even extended to the queen in normal times?

Did you know that the economy of California ($3.4trn nGDP, a state with just 39m people is bigger than the economy of Africa with 1.3b people)



In the US power ideology, it is a sacrilege for an American president to die outside America Soil. For that purpose, any trip by an American president outside US is a full scale military operation. It is the most expensive VIP trip in the world.


For starts, you will need at least two C-17 Hercules Military planes. (these are monster aircraft). One carries the presidents Helicopter (Marine One), Apache Helicopters and military crew supervised by CIA while the other carries the presidential motorcade and more military hardwares. This is outside Airforce One which carries the president and his entourage.


Before the president leaves US, the nearest military base to his destination assumes security control over routes to be followed by the president IRRESPECTIVE OF THE COUNTRY…..INCLUDING RUSSIA.


The two C-17 Hercules Military craft depart first. (Marine one and other Helicopters are dismantled at point of departure and assembled again when it reaches its destination)


In total, Joe Biden’s Trip Two day trip to Uk and Belgium cost Americans at least $85,000,000 (N59,500,000,000,00). It required fulltime duties for more than 250 security and military personnel.


The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) was rerouted to the Atlantic Ocean from Singapore from September 9, one day after the queen died (in anticipation of Biden’s visit).


By comparisons, it cost Nigeria less than N50m naira each time the president travels outside the country.


So before you compare African countries to US, Remember that the economy of any of California, New York or Texas is bigger than the economy of the entire African Continent

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