The Real Basic of Manipulation @youth_ideal

If the meaning of manipulation is controlling the action of a person or group without that person or group knowing the goals, purpose and method of that control and without even being aware that a form of control is exercised on them at all, then an essential precondition for it is ignorance on the part of those who are being manipulated. But ignorance of what ? It is impossible to keep a group of people, especially those belonging to the productive classes, ignorant of all aspects of social and political reality. So it has to be ignorance of some aspects of reality. But then what particular aspect ?

The particular aspect of social and political reality to be obscured and mystified depends on the purpose of the manipulation. It also depends on the structure of the economy and society within which this manipulation is taking place. 

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In the case of the manipulation of religion in Nigeria today the purpose of this manipulation is to be found in the purposes and function of the classes who do this manipulation. Nobody denies that the class responsible is what is popularly known as the ‘elite’, or more subservience the intermediary bourgeoisie. This class is created to serve as the link and intermediary between the people and the wealth of Nigeria and the world capitalist system. It is created to serve as the life leading agent of the trading-post which has been and still is Nigeria. It can only continue to be dominant if Nigeria remains a trading-post; that is a trading-post, built to export raw materials and import manufactured goods and services; a trading-post where ownership and consumption and not production are dominant in the whole system. 

The real basis of the manipulation of religion in Nigeria today is the need to obscure from the people of Nigeria a fundamental aspect of our reality: that is the domination of our political economy by a class of intermediaries who are being increasingly exposed. And this is to enable this class to cover themselves with religious and ethnic disguise in order to further entrench division among our people, slow down their awakening, at any cost; even the unity of our country, for which so much has been sacrificed.
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