The truth of the matter when it comes to sex in marriage is that enjoying great sex life is real. It is not a myth or a fallacy as some people are insinuating.


The other day, one man was saying that great sex life could not be achieved in marriage because couples pretend on the matter of sex because they are afraid of either being suspected of infidelity by their partners, or being accused of sexual recklessness by their partners, especially the religious ones. So, they do not freely ask for the type of sex they need, and are convinced will give them sexual fulfillment, which is what great sex life boils down to or is all about.


Why the reasons given by this man may not be out rightly faulted, they do not support the claim that great sex life is a mirage in marriage. I believe the way couples handle the issues will determine how much of sexual fulfillment is achieved in the marriage. That is why I have devoted myself to educating couples on the issue of sex.


With the right information the huddles toward great sex life are not insurmountable. What is required is the will power on the part of each couple to face the issue of sex and fix it. I know a lot of couples who are enjoying great sex life, including my husband and I. So I know great sex life in marriage is for real, if you will be ready to go after it.Let me avail you of this account of how a couple who could be termed religious achieved great sex life after many years of enduring sex instead of enjoying it.


I hope it serves as an eye opener to many others who may be seeking sexual fulfillment in their marriage.I got married as a virgin to my husband who was also a virgin. We both grew up in religious setting, and were not sexually exposed before we consummated our marriage.


The journey of poor sex life started during the honey moon, because we did not even know how to go about it. We discover that the theory we learnt few months to our wedding was different from the reality of having sex life and direct. However, because of the eagerness to discover what sex was about, we had initial fun, once we succeeded in making headway to know how to engage in sex. In fact, we did not know anything about enjoying great sex life, other than to sleep together and produce children. But the reality of our poor sex life started playing out when we later discovered that we were not being sexually satisfied. In the act of sex, we later discovered that something must definitely be wrong about the way we were going about sex, or maybe we were different biologically from other humans.


The problem could be likened to the biblical reading like the child had come to birth but there was no strengthen to deliver. We would want to give ourselves nice time in bed, and honestly I mean real nice time to make ourselves happy, but premature ejaculation was becoming a stumbling block. I would be high up there waiting for my husband to go full blast, but after a few thrusts, he would go flat. If you have not been there, you would not know what I mean. I then realized why the other day, a woman was quarreling with her husband for not being able to give her sexual satisfaction.


With this situation, I became afraid of having sex with my husband because I was always feeling emotionally destabilized after each sex act. Of course my husband could also not enjoy sex again, because it takes two to tango. Our case was like the hen that lands on a rope, the two will be uncomfortable.


This situation got us thinking of how to overcome the huddle and that was how we discovered the secrets of enjoying great sex life. The following are our discovery:Female sexual response differs from that of male. This was why it took time for me to respond in bed to my husband. This made him to be worn out before the sex act. Thus, he constantly experience premature ejaculation.


A woman is sexually tuned up at certain time than others. She will be sexually ready for penetration when her emotion is tuned up towards sex; when she has reasons to think sex, or expects that her husband will likely ask her for sex. This supports the assertion that the mind is the first sex organ of a woman other than her virginal. Any man who wants to enjoy sex with his wife must know how to touch her positively in her emotion.


I am sexually tuned up for sex few days before my period and immediately after it. There is more to sex than just rise and sink sex which many couples know. We study different sex styles and started putting them to use.Open discussion about sex is helpful in achieving sexual fulfillment. We now freely discuss sex between us without being shy.Sex is a truce breaker and conflict resolution means. So we align ourselves to do it regularly.


We also realize that regular sex is helps my husband to perform better in bed. We therefore do all to have sex regularly.I believe my story we help other couples overcome poor sex life and move on to enjoying great sex life which you champion in your column in Saturday Tribune.


You may also wish to share your sexual experience in marriage to help other learn from such.

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