The scary apparition of over-voting haunting Adeleke, Osun PDP at election petition tribunal

APC stakeholders reject Edo gov primary result

There is a pleasure in being mad which only a mad man can confirm with the air of finality is a common saying globally.


There is need for injection of decency in anything that is done by any discerning mind. It’s only a thief who steals dirty who makes the discovery of his criminal act an easy target for discovery.


It would not be an overstatement or colouration of fact that the declared winner of the July 16, 2022 governorship election in Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke, and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), have been trying ceaselessly to justify the exposed leg of their hurriedly-buried dead which was prompted by the blowing of a whirlwind that was never anticipated.


It is a truism that a wicked man will not know peace as it is sheer wickedness that can make someone to lay claim to what does not belong to him as it is being witnessed in the numerous causes for action in the ongoing Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal in Osogbo.


Has anyone ever wondered why it has become a daily duty for the Osun State chapter of the PDP to defend to high heavens the already pleaded statement in its response to Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s petition affirming glaring gross anomalies on the declaration of Adeleke as the winner of the governorship election?


Political pundits would not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that the handlers of the Osun State PDP have murdered sleep as it has become imperative for them to think of monumental lies with which they need to cover their exposed tract of falsehoods with reference to the governorship election on daily basis.


One would have thought that the PDP handlers and their apparently jittery beneficiary of the pyrrhic governorship election victory would preserve their energy, strategy and stratagem for the election petition tribunal rather than needlessly shopping for political junks with which to attract undue sympathy from the unsuspecting members of the public.


The Osun State PDP handlers should know that there is nothing that could be invented by them that is capable of obliterating the negative perception of them by the right-thinking members of the society.


The members of the public are bored and tired of the constant irritating statements being rolled out daily from the rumour mill of the fidgeting opposition party which has turned medial trial into its stock in trade in order to convince and confuse the people.


The long and short of this statement is that Adeleke and his PDP caretaker leader(s) should spare the Osun State people the hazzle of their unnecessary constant fouling of the political firmament of the state with their jeremiads in their futile efforts to defend the Oyetola/APC iron-cast allegation of over-voting through the media trial in the July 16, 2022 governorship election.

KOLA OLABISI is the Media Adviser to the Osun State APC chairman.

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