The Stand Against Cow!

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For almost two weeks now there have been a campaign by Nigerians, most especially on social media tagged #IStandAgainstCow some add ‘Meat‘ to it, I don’t want to add my opinion yet, ‘cos I will have to break them both.

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But here is what the fight is about. Though it looks like it coming from a sect.
#I Stand Against Cow Meat ## Questions!!!
(1)Do Fulanis eat cow meat?   No
(2)What meat do they eat? Ram and chicken
(3)Who eat Cow Meat? Christians
(4)Who are slaughtered like Cow? Christians
(5)Who patronize Cow business? Christians
(6)If we stop eating cow meat what will happen? 
(7)The Fulanis will take their Cow business to other African States and leave our lands.
(8)If this happens what will follow? Our lands will be safe.
(9)So stop eating Cow Meat and save a life.
(10)Medically cow meat is dangerous to the health especially Adults. We have our traditional meats like Goat, Chicken, Nchi, Okwa and other Bush meats that are healthy to the body.

# Do u Stand Against Cow Meat ##
So thats it, now Do you agree with this trend?
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