The story of Ann Njeri and its connection with CS Davis Chirchir, EPRA CEO, and DCIO

The story of Ann Njeri and the mystery of 17B fuel import that arrived at the port of Mombasa on the night of 10th October. It was aboard one ship named MT Haigui, IMO no 9505821, flying the Liberian Flag registered in the port of Monrovia in 2013 and built in South Korea.


The consignment belongs to one company called Ann Njeri Import and Export Enterprises.


Why does it belong to Ann Njeri? It’s because of the Bill of Lading. It always shows proof of ownership.


The cargo was from Russia enroute Mombasa through Jeddah Saudi Arabia but according to the documents, it came from Aktau, Kazakhstan. I will explain why.


What she has recorded with the DCIO is actually true. She has traded with several African countries with free ports, including Somalia and Tanzania, and she was venturing into the Kenyan market with high expectations since its home ground. Little did she know what awaited her.

What she had failed to understand is the Government to Government framework which had been unveiled by Ruto previous months ago. This G2G framework had given power to three oil companies namely, Galana Oil, Orynx and Gulf energy.


The companies were responsible for supplying the oil to all petrol stations in Kenya and collecting the money from them and paying the outlined countries that were part of G2G framework. . You remember when Ruto had promised to trade oil with shillings with  Arabian countries, specifically Saudi Arabia? Well, lemme talk about something first. There is something called the escrow account by KCB Bank, which is actually responsible for paying many government deals and contracts. So, before oil is offloaded in Kenyan ports a letter of credit is issued by KCB to the owner of the oil cargo, indicating the money is available.


So, what happens next? The three companies, Galana, Oryyx, and Gulf energy, collect money across the petrol stations in the country and pay KCB in shillings. KCB, in turn  pays Saudi Arabia or UAE in terms of dollars in collaboration with the CBK. This is not my field of expertee, but I believe that’s the way it works. So, eventually, Saudi gets its payment in terms of dollars. And G2G has been accomplished.

The story of Ann Njeri and its connection with CS Davis Chirchir, EPRA CEO, and DCIO
The story of Ann Njeri and its connection with CS Davis Chirchir, EPRA CEO, and DCIO

So, where does Ann njeri come in? A business lady who has lived in Dubai. She has been in the industry and understands all the logistics around the oil business. When she gets wind of it, she ventures into it immediately. She imports 10000 metric tones of oil of oil from a sanctioned country, Russia. But according to the Bill of Lading, it comes from Aktau, Kazakhstan. The main reason being that many countries are avoiding Russia due to its ongoing geopolitics with the West. So, how shall Russia sell its oil?

So, in the end, it looks like it was imported from Saudi Arabia, but it was actually from Russia. So, Ann imports, loads the MT Haigui steered by one captain called Ibrahim.

It undergoes all the normal ship procedures and routines until it is on the Kenyan coast. The Kenyan Coast Guard clears the ship because the bill of Lading, which indicates ownership shows Annn Njeri as the owner. But after reaching KPA things start going south.


What Ann was expecting is to offload the oil and sell it to willing buyer and walk away. I never knew that you could import oil and actually sell it at the Kenyan ports. It’s like buying potatoes from farmers when you reach the entrance of the market, you sell all the cargo to someone who knows the way inside the market and be given your cash. So that’s what Ann was banking on. So where did the rain start beating her? Well, there was a lack of Epra certificate. Funny enough, she had applied earlier, but but never given. So, who does she contact? Well, someone hooked her up with some expert in this field. Former ex commissioner, KRA, David Gakuru.



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