The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

Below are the top most scary tribes on earth you don’t want to meet.

Though the Sentinelese are the most isolated tribe in the world, and have captured the imagination of millions. They live on their own small forested island called North Sentinel, which is approximately the size of Manhattan. They continue to resist all contact with outsiders, attacking anyone who comes near.


Below are those you should really avoid;

The Asaro “mud men” from Papua New Guinea’s eastern highlands are known for their strange masks made with clay, and adorned with pigs’ teeth and shells.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

There is no way to know when they began making masks, though it has been in existence for four generations.


They practice cannibalism as a means of justice in the jungles of southeastern Papua. Animal sacrifices are common among Korowai and their lives revolve around magic and spirits.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

They are still one of the wildest tribes although, they welcomed modernization.


The most known Aghori ritual is their act of eating human corpses.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

They believe in reincarnation, but the ultimate aim is to break the reincarnation cycle to achieve transcendence. By using cannibalism, the Aghoris embrace death and reject world custom.


    They are also known as Dslala, located in Brazil. When the Brazilian government tried to establish contact with them, the result was by no means what it had hoped for.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

Dslalas killed more than a few government employees who dared to enter the Amazon basin.


    The Yaifo tribe in Papua New Guinea first came into contact with the modern world in 1988.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

Yaifos usually have no contact with the outside world and if you cross paths with them, you are likely to be greeted with arrows and bows.


    Asmat is a tribe living on small islands in mangrove vegetation nearby the sea, on the south side of the western part of the New Guinea Island.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

They are the world’s most famous cannibalistic tribe and the mere mention of their name used to evoke fear.


The Suri people a.k.a Sarama people is a south-western tribe in Ethiopia. Painful rituals, dangerous fighting ceremonies with sticks and painful lip plugs define the Suri tribe.

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They still relentlessly follow the ancient ways of life.


Located between Venezuela and Brazil, the Yanomami people could easily be one of the most violent tribes in the world.

The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth
The Top 10 Most Scary Tribes on earth

Although these people have faced exposure to alcohol, disease and violence due to contact with civilization, they are still isolated.


Mashco-Piro is among the most contactless people in the world and has been seen in Peru.

Also known as Cujareño people, they knew how to kill an alien in 2012.


They live around Paraguay and Bolivia and have avoided any contact with modern civilization for centuries.

They are traditional hunter-gatherers who are choosen to come to the cities because of deforestation.


Will you still like to meet them?

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