“There are plans to give me Jamal Khashoggi’s treatment” – John Mayaki

John Mayaki shutdown media control room over unpaid entitlements

Foremost critic of the Edo State Government and ex-Chief Press Secretary to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Mr John Mayaki has raised the alarm of plots to give him the treatment of the likes of Saudi Arabian Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was dismembered and thrown away over his critical views to government.


Mayaki said Edo state now has a repressive government dealing in the brutal takedown of dissenters and anyone holding their ground and speaking the truth. He said, “I have petitioned the Inspector General of Police over their plot to assassinate me but no investigation into the matter”.


According to Mayaki, “The irresponsible administration in Edo state has tried several times to induce me to desist from speaking against the growing dictatorship and fascism and since they have failed, some persons have proceeded to employ dangerous cult members to exterminate me.


“Officials, senior and junior, have been sent to deliver a message from their paymaster asking me to compromise, tone down my criticism and accept a ‘bumper package’. But they have all met a brick wall and a strict rejection.


“Frustrated by the blunt refusal, in addition to the unrelenting demand for accountability, some persons have hatched a plan evil in its intent and elaborate in execution to attack my reputation and if possible, to forcibly snuff me out, adding me to the growing list of persons silenced, sometimes for life, by an administration towing the disgraceful path of dictatorship and tyranny similar to what is found in the likes of Russia and Saudi Arabia where a journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was dismembered and thrown away.”


“The attack on my reputation began months ago and has been recently rejuvenated following another round of meetings where certain crooks and cult members were offered additional benefits to continue their trail on me and for their hatched assassination”.


Mayaki said, “I have committed only one known crime: asking Edo State Governor to show the results of his service to the state and to provide supporting evidence on his demand for a second term. Instead of providing answers, the governor, evidently with nothing to show, has decided to commit state resources and intelligence into hunting me and impose self-censorship on me with emotional blackmail and trauma which sometimes involves harassing phone calls and text messages from suspected cult members threatening to kill me, if I continue to criticize the government of Edo state.”

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