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On behalf of the Three Labour Centres in the State of Osun, i want to personally appreciate all Labour leaders in the State, all Pensioners and all workers who are employees of the State Government for your support, commmitment , steadfastness, painstaking and perseverance during the Salaries and Pensions crisis in the State in the past three years.

The Journey had been tough , it was a time when workers had been made to swallow bitter pills in other for us to save our jobs. It was a time, when the centres in families can not hold.
However, despite all these you have never withdrawn your support for us and you had shown enough understanding and maturity.
I want to assure you that the era of modulated Salaries and Pensions is gone forever in the State and by God’s grace it shall never rear its ugly head again. This is because the State Government and Labour have put in place machineries and enough commitment on the part of the Authority to sustain so.
The Government at different fora has promised to offset our Arrears of Salaries and Pensions necessitated by the Modulated payment immediately there is fund.
It is on this note, that i want to inform you that at our meetings with Government in the last one week which finally culminated to the Com. Hassan Sunmonu Appropriation Committee yesterday night, This is at the instance of the refund paid to the State by the Federal Government.
The new Chief of Staff led the Government side to the meeting and it was resolved that :
1) August 2018 Salary and Pension should be paid immediately
2) September, October, November and December 2015 Salaries and Pensions arrears be paid immediately.
3) 2016 leave Bonus arrears be paid immediately.
4) Machineries to sustain full payments of subsequent  Salaries and Pensions were  in put in place.
5) Government has promised to look into the payment of Gratuity and Contrbutory Pensions Scheme immediately.
Comrades, the light has just started to shine on our path, we have just started to see the ray of hope and it beckons on us.
I want also to use this medium to appreciate the Governor Ogbeni Aregbesola  on behalf of all workers for fulfilling part of his promise that he would be paying as funds arrive.
Dear Comrades and colleagues, we have not got to the promised land but we shall  not rest on our oars until victory is achieved.
Aluta Continua !!! Victoria Ascerta !!!
Com. Babatunde Adekomi
NLC Chairman.
State of Osun.
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