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(…from a writer’s perspective)

This is Lautech.
Where students get car pass the lecturers.
Where some students dey sleep and some students dey stay awake just to get dollars.

This is Lautech,
Exam time table no dey stable o.
School management dey manage everything, sotey our answer booklets dey get only one staple o.
We get smart board for some lecture theaters, but we no dey gree on am o.
Just to catch up with lost time, sometimes a semester na two months we dey run am o.
This is Lautech,
Where runz girls dey run pass some athletes.
Where a poor man pikin go reach school and start living in affluence.
This is Lautech.
For here strike come be like competition.
Nasu go do their own first, and Asuu go start again, their own don be like repetition.
Student wey get good money for hand, for here dem no dey fail course o.
Exam postponement na normal thing, omo that thing no dey shake us o.
This is Lautech.
We students are called Ladokites.
A technology university, but most of our lecturers are not technocrats.
Our sug election dey always be like presidential election o.
Semester break without exam, meanwhile they got another intention o.
This is Lautech.
Troy na the new level.
For 3 good years you fit still dey the same level.
You go wan read for library but you no go see space o.
Some girls go fine like Beyonce for campus, but no be their real face o.
This is Lautech.
A school in a town where the sun is not nice.
Amidst all the brouhaha our students still won the hult prize.
This is Lautech.
Best state university.
But not getting the best fund from Baba Kabiru, and constituted authority.
Our Yahoo guys with Benz no dey too rush girls,
Na girls dey rush them.
If Asuu go call-off, if dem no go call-off, we dey use one eye dey watch dem.
This is Lautech.
Frustration fit make medicine student cross to transport o.
Someone no fit walk pass motion ground in peace, dem go dey shout to you ‘passport’ o.
Na only eating Mango and Cashew we dey use spend our consumable fee o.
100 level good boy, check am for 200 level he don turn to gee o.
This is Lautech.
Students still dey queue for Gtbank at night o.
But our students no be trouble maker, we no dey fight o.
Don’t dress too fly, because Sars dey raid o.
By the way, the paint of our senate building don dey fade o.
Shoutout to rapper sheggs and others who’ve done this.
Juwon Vamous
(An artistic ‘righter’)
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