This is not the democracy we fought for – Aare Gani Adams

Gani Adams is obstructing justice - Yoruba Women in Government

The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has said Nigeria’s system of government is just civil rule and not the democracy he and other activists fought for.


Aare Adams said this in an exclusive interview with Vanguard, during which he also noted that 80 per cent of the problem of the Yoruba is caused by Yoruba themselves.


Asked if he has regrets about the trajectory his life took, Iba Adams said no, but that the challenge is the lack of unity among the Yoruba.

This is not the democracy we fought for - Aare Gani Adams
This is not the democracy we fought for – Aare Gani Adams

Aare Gani Adams says, “When we were in school, our friends from the South would say ‘we fought a civil war. You Yoruba are cowards’. But the coming of the June 12 struggle changed the narrative.


“MKO Abiola (and June 12) has been immortalised. Also, a Yoruba became President, even if we didn’t support him.

“Although this is not the democracy we fought for (it’s just a civil rule), we have been able to chase military out of power (God helped us).


“I have travelled to many countries and I see how they run their democracy. However, the worst civilian government is the best military junta.”


On the challenges of the South-West, Aare Gani Adams said: “There is a limit to the extent you can blame other ethnic groups for the problems in Yourabland. 80 to 85% of our problems is caused by Yoruba people.


“There is a lack of unity. There is backbiting and jealousy. The mindset is ‘if you don’t destroy what he is doing he will take over Yoruba from us.

“This reasoning is very rampant among our politicians; they even used Civil Society, comrades and NGOs against us. But we all know where they are today and what the money they got cost them.”


Watch the full interview HERE.

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