Three Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives

Three Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives

Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives…

To think that God gives a good wife may be biblical and very correct, but where can you find them. Travelling, social and business meetings suggest you can find them in homes, schools, party and Club halls, Transits and even in churches and mosques. A gentle Man can trace a beautiful woman he admires to any part of the world, thanks to technology.


A good woman, just like a good man, are products of good parenting. The discrimination of female child is long gone and the society has given them a better position to make their unwavering contributions. They now sit and dine with Men in high places and in most cases, are more advantaged than Men.

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Three Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives

A good woman can make a good wife but a good wife can be a bad wife in the hands of a bad husband. A gentle man can bring the best out of a lovely woman. But it is suicidal to marry a nagging and unethical woman. A man’s definition of a bad wife would be nagging, excessive spending, uncordial relationship with his close family, inadequate support and other ill behaviour.



But the truth is that whatever a woman becomes, a man contributed to it. Relationships are opportunities for Man and woman who feels they are in love to explore their goals and aspiration for likely future marriage. It is suppose to create harmony and better understanding of themselves. On the other hand, some relationships are just to give moments and help us grow without leading to marriage. However, the experiences gained can be useful for future marriage relationship.


The contributions of women in relations is massive as they are often the binding wire. A woman will always feel comfortable in a comfortable house and enjoy whatever is offered. It is their inherent nature to be loved and taken care of, just as it is natural for Men to love and admire to beautiful ladies.

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The warmness of a woman is every man’s insatiable quest. Her aura and glowing skin can make a man singing praises just to touch, and not to mention her charming look that has destroyed great Men of the past. Even the Holy ones in the bible described them perfectly.


For different reasons, a time comes in a Man life when he chooses to marry. Some are fortunate to marry well trained women, while some end up being victims of their decision.



Below are the three reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives.

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1. She is Very Beautiful.
Many men have married Queens and Princesses solely because of their look. His quest to make her his wife can overshadow his sense of reasoning. Despite knowing her behavioural weakness, he would still want to marry her.

He can utilizes every resources he has just to make sure he doesn’t lose her. Recounting her attractive body features starting from body shape, to her backside, soft lips, to the front endowment, gives more reason to marry her. To even loss her to another man’s arm, would be more devastating.


2. She is a Working Class and Can Support me.
With the economic situations, many men would prefer to marry a working class lady or, rather wait until that well cultured girl gets something doing.

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He may end up marrying a working class lady despite knowing the incompatible nature of their relationship. But If he chooses to wait until the well trained girl gets a job, he may end up losing her to another Man. The courage to marry a well cultured girl and invest in her, can be rewarding.

Three Reasons Why Men Marry Wrong Wives

3. Not Knowing When To Give Up in a Relationship.
Crops cannot survive without rain. The Rain waters the soil for crops survival.

To be successful, you need to have some rain. Storms are meant to test our resilience and prepare us for greater things ahead. Human relationships is full of ups and downs. Failures and struggles. But the truth is that, without these downs, you can’t be sure of who your real friends are. Sometimes it is right to allow ugly situations up or walk away.



Writer’s Conclusion
Marriage is ideal for a Man and Woman who understand clearly their behavioural differences and unwavering commitment to raising a family. Marrying out of pity, material quest or how beautiful or handsome he is, is foolishness. A man must be decisive in any relationship if he must be respected and followed by his partner. He must set principles, create friendly communication and allow scenarios that can improve his relationship.

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