Tienabeso to lunch campaign towards “Electronic Voting System” in Nigeria

Tienabeso to lunch campaign towards "Electronic Voting System" in Nigeria

A legal practitioner, Ibibi Tienabeso Esq. is set to lunch a campaign for the establishment of “Electronic Voting System” in Nigeria.

Nigeria is having the best of her brains brainstorm on how best to reform the Nigerian electoral body and electioneering System. One of such patriotic crusaders of electoral reforms is Ibibi Tienabeso Esq. who hinted over the weekend about his ongoing plans and consultations with well meaning Nigerians to support his upcoming patriotic crusade and campaign for the establishment of electronic voting system in the Nigerian political experiment.

Tienabeso to lunch campaign towards  "Electronic Voting System" in Nigeria
Tienabeso to lunch campaign towards “Electronic Voting System” in Nigeria

“The term “Electronic Voting (e-voting)” refers to the use of computers and/or computerized equipment to cast votes in an election. E-voting aims at increasing participation, lowering the costs of running elections and improving the accuracy of the results.” Ibibi stated.

“Electronic voting is a form of computer-mediated voting in which voters make their selections with the aid of a computer. The voter usually chooses with the aid of a touch-screen display. Audio interfaces can be made available for voters with visual disabilities. To understand electronic voting, it is pertinent to consider four basic steps in an election process: ballot composition, in which voters make choices; ballot casting, in which voters submit their ballots; ballot recording, in which a system records the submitted ballots; and tabulation, in which votes are counted,” Tienabeso stated.

“Nigeria will get it right once Nigerians are able to have their true will expressed in a free and fair election. What we have at the moment is a political process where politicians acquire political power through political “coups” sic, using ballot snatching, intimidation, harassment of voters and kidnapping of electoral officials. The allegiance of the “elected” politician thus remains with the crude system through which power was gained and not to the people. This is unacceptable and absolutely disturbing. I am determined to lead a formidable patriotic crusade and campaign against fraudulent elections in Nigeria.

He said, “In the coming days, weeks and months, the modalities, workability and pitfalls of this will be thoroughly analyzed. E-voting not as a quick fix but a permanent solution to the myriads of problems plaguing us as a people will be examined. The full blueprint and methods for its successful implementation in elections in Nigeria, will be made available to Nigerians.

“I’m using this avenue to inform Nigerians to be ready for the battle ahead as my humble self and a large majority of Nigerians are willing and ready to get Nigeria working again through successful elections that reflect the true will of the people.”

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