Timaya: Not all relationship must end in marriage

Timaya: ‘Money is no longer the root of all evil’

Nigerian singer Timaya has opined that not every relationship must end in marriage.

Although he acknowledged having a partner; the musician claimed in an interview on ‘Eve’s Eye’ that he is not married because he is not ready.


Timaya also admitted that he didn’t enjoy being surrounded by so many women and wondered what he would do with all of them as he has little tolerance for drama.

Timaya: Not all relationship must end in marriage
Timaya: Not all relationship must end in marriage

“I’m not married, I have a girlfriend. I’m not that kind of man. What am I doing with plenty women? I’m not a confused men, I can’t bear drama,” he said.


He added, “I’ve dated girls that when they wake up in the morning, they’ll be like, ‘What are we doing?’ And I’m chilled, we’re having fun and the next thing you pop up that question. The last one that asked me that before I started dating my girlfriend…. we’ve been good. She just woke up one morning and asked me, ‘Where are we going to?’ And I just told her, ‘I don’t know. Am I a GPS? I don’t get it.”


He believes women should understand that not all relationships must end in marriage. Additionally, he contended that marriage would become monotonous if it occurred before the guy was ready.


“They always ask that. But not every relationship has to lead to marriage. I’m not ready. You know, you need to understand. If a man is not ready… sometimes, these women leave what is important to go discuss things that are not important. Marriage is always not the end point. Even if it gets to that point, it becomes boring when you’re not ready.”

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