Tinubu seals his fate with a glaring lack of decorum?

ABAT 2023: "It is the economy, stupid"

A master kingmaker with a thin skin and short on diplomatic finesse and common manners when aggrieved? Referring to a serving Governor as “this one sitting behind me…” marks a highly demystifying low in the life of a man deified by people, who know him from a distance.


Then he thinks he comes after God. “Only God and I made” him Governor. What delusion! So, this is the horrible temperament people put up with, who deal with Tinubu behind the scene on daily basis?


How deep-seated must his frustration over his impending demise be, to have lost it this big? This is what happens when people unwittingly and routinely lick a man’s a*s beyond all bounds until he begins to see himself as a mini-god. Else, who, for crying out loud, is Bola Ahmed Tinubu? A simple diasporan, who landed at the right place at the right time and grabbed some quick dough on the back of fortune! Why people think his unfortunate outburst constitutes a threat to the corporate existence of the APC is a mystery to me. He should be careful not to jeopardize his own corporate existence in the immediate future.

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When you swim in money, you swim in trouble. Digging out sh*t doesn’t take a lot. Tinubu must not overrate himself or underrate the capacity of his opponents to contain him if the need arises. Getting a taste of the bitter pill that he, routinely, serves others in Lagos must not be so frustrating.


Frisk Larr

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