Tips for new Mac users switching from Windows

Many people have been using Macs for a long time and can no longer imagine their lives without them, except those who have just switched to them. Mac allows the user to experience the practicality and convenience of the computer while using it. People who have just switched from Windows often need help with problems and questions. To feel the superiority of this technique over others, you should know some tips that will simplify its use.


Users who have just switched from Windows pay great attention to this and ask many questions about how it works. The Mac system is designed so that it provides many features that would protect its consumer. For example, people who use a Mac have the opportunity to scan for viruses, thereby protecting themselves. If users are worried about viruses, they can visit and find many ways to keep their Mac devices safe. One of the main advantages of this computer is that when creating the operating system, Apple pays a lot of attention to protecting its devices, which people can use without unnecessary worries.


Keyboard shortcuts on Mac

Many people who switched from Windows to Mac need clarification because they are used to the old keyboard shortcuts. If the user has just changed to this device, he is recommended to find on the Internet urgently or the official Apple website the most common keyboard shortcuts and learn. It does not take much time, but it greatly simplifies the use of the computer in the future. Beginners can also turn to third-party utilities that help them remember the keyboard shortcuts by periodically giving hints.



Many users who have just switched to a Mac may wonder where File Explorer is and how it works. Finder performs functions that are universal and similar to Windows Explorer. This program is often more convenient and practical than the usual for Windows users, but studying how it works and what you can do with it is worthwhile. Finder is a convenient and feature-rich application that can significantly simplify the use of a computer if you are prepared to use it.


AirDrop on Mac

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to transfer large amounts of data. Modern Mac computers do not have USB-C connectors, due to which many new users who have just switched from Windows do not know how to transfer files. AirDrop is like Bluetooth. If a person has just switched to a Mac, he should read how this data transfer function works and how to use it. It will help him simplify his life. Thanks to this function, users can make swift data exchange from one device to another.

Tips for new Mac users switching from Windows

How to install and remove programs

One of the most asked questions for users who have just moved from Windows is how to install and remove applications. Many switched users only believe the installation proceeds after requiring extra confirmation. All it takes is a simple drag and drop of the application to the program folder, and in a few seconds, the application will appear in Launchpad and be ready to use. Or, in the case of installation through the App Store, all that is required is to click the “Install” button, and the application will immediately be ready for use without unnecessary confirmations and requests. Apps from the Mac App Store are removed directly from Launchpad. When you press the “Option key”, the corresponding crosses appear above the icons.


The Mac computer is very convenient and practical for consumers. All it takes to feel its superiority is to pay a little attention to tips that can help and make it easier to use. This technique is straightforward to master due to the simplicity of its device. Initially, for users who have just switched from Windows, everything may seem new and even cause specific difficulties, but with the proper approach, everything will be fine.

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