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Tiwa Savage: Mind who you confide in

Tiwa Savage: Mind who you confide in

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Afropop songstress Tiwa Savage has blessed her fans and followers with quote to guide them as they go about their daily activities in the new year.


The 41-year-old Isale Eko-born music star advised her fans to be wary of whom they unburden their hearts.


Tiwa implied that a person that readily offers a listening ear during one’s dark moments can also turn around to divulge those secrets.


She wrote: “Just remember a listening ear can also be a running mouth.”


Over years, Tiwa Savage have created a standard for her self. Push her music all through in the US then went back home to Nigeria where she became a mega star. Girl certainly deserves all the good things.


In another post the songstress said, “Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you wanna be”.


Meanwhile, Ms Savage have asked her fans about her chubby figure, as the mother of one expresses interest in slimming down.

Anyone who accepts Jamal’s current shape, according to her mother, should be willing to accept the ‘follow come belle’ condition.


“Just asking respectfully before I start unnecessary gym in the morning; before I get in shape, does anybody like me chubby.” She asked.


After her “Somebody Son” video featuring Brandy, many noticed her shape was extra.


“You people that like my thicker ass and thighs, hope you like the belle too o cause na follow come.” She added.


We love the hips, ass and thigh but we believe the belly must go.

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