Tiwa Savage: Some people’ll be happy when I’m no more

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage, has stated that some people will be happy when she’s no more.


The mother-of-one took to Instagram story on Monday to state that she was sad at the passing of her dad and friend, Obama DMW, also known as ’44’, who was also Davido’s aide.


She said, “I was sad at the passing of my dad and 44 but at least they are no longer in this cruel place. Some people will be happy when I am no more.”


Born Habeeb Uthman, Obama DMW died on June 29, 2021 after a brief illness.

Some people’ll be happy when I’m no more - Tiwa Savage

The sonorous singer had announced the death of her father, on the 19th of July, 2021.

In a star-studded elaborate ceremony on September 3 2021, the singer buried her father in Lagos, shortly after the release of her Extended Play project ‘Water and Garri’.

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However, Tiwa Savage’s recent post comes a week after a sex tape featuring the singer and her current lover surfaced online.


As the video went viral after its release on Monday night, some celebrities drummed up support for the singer, as they uploaded her picture and hailed her on social media.


However, some celebrities also berated those who supported the singer.

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Amid the scandal, Tiwa Savage had said, “Charge that sh*t to the game and never speak on it again.”


Popular Ghanaian songstress Belinda Nana Akua Amoako better known as Mzbel opined that the singer sacrificed her body to make her album with American artist Brandy trend on social media.


Apparently, social media has been very busy and chaotic for the past few days after the sex tape of Tiwa Savage leaked on the internet.


According to Mzbel, Tiwa released the video at this time because she wanted publicity for her new album, especially in the United States market.

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For US-based Nigerian Gospel singer, D’lyte urged Tiwa Savage to use the lessons learnt from the scandal to bless the world again.


“For Tiwa @tiwasavage … You are strong , bold, and beautiful . This will pass and you will use the lessons to bless the world again and again.


“I stand by you. We are with you all the way and we love you,” D’lyte wrote on IG.

Some people’ll be happy when I’m no more - Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage had earlier in an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, raised the alarm that she was being blackmailed by an unknown person with a sex tape.


She had expressed concerns about what the blackmailer could do with the clip even as she claimed that the video was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her boyfriend who immediately deleted it.


However, amid the controversy generated by the leaked sex tape, Tiwa Savage has refused to be distracted as she dropped her short song to commemorate the first #EndSARS anniversary entitled “Who ordered the shooting” on Wednesday.


Reigniting the debate on “who ordered the shooting of protesters at the Lekki tollgate last year”, the embattled singer has called out the federal government in the short song to reveal who ordered the shooting of protesters.


“Don’t end our lives… We will not forget, this is not the end. Who gave the order, who gave the order? We’ll not forget…,”she could be heard singing.

She also accompanied the video with a terse post which read: “Who? 20.10.20”


Besides, in a post on her Instagram story, the singer also hinted that has acquired an expensive home courtesy of popular real estate giant, Sujimoto.


In the photo, she seemed to be in a meeting with representatives of the real estate company, as she had on a branded helmet.


She accompanied the post with the caption; “Buying bags is cute, but that @sujimoto81 real estate though. E choke.”


Actress, Amara Maduka stated that those criticising Tiwa Savage over the release of her alleged sex tape are hypocrites.


Speaking with SUNDAY SCOOP, the actress also gave her two cents about the trending issue that had elicited a lot of responses online and offline. She said, “I think the people criticising Tiwa Savage are hypocrites. Everybody has sex, so what is the big deal? People just like to see others down and it is crazy. I discovered that it is mostly the women bashing her. They are the ones doing the most but will act holier than the pope. Sex is a natural thing given to man by God to enjoy. Why is Tiwa’s case any different? Because she is a public figure? Let’s not forget the low-life of a man who shared a woman’s video in her most ‘vulnerable’ state. What does that make him? I hope she got a good orgasm at the very least for all the troubles but I’d doubt that he made that happen for her. Because she was helping herself alongside.”


The curvy actress also stressed that the Somebody’s Son’s crooner handled the scandal well. she added, “Yes, I think Tiwa Savage handled the matter graciously like the queen that she is and will forever be. If I am in her shoes, I will handle it just as graciously as she did by paying no mind to the attacks and minding the business that pays me.”

Some people’ll be happy when I’m no more - Tiwa Savage

Also, in a chat with Saturday Beats, a United Kingdom-based actress, Victoria Inyama warned lovers to be careful about who they entrust their sex tapes or videos with.

She said, “These days, modern technology provides us with ample opportunity to find out what we look like whilst having sex. I don’t think it’s pure sex. It is more like having fun. For most couples, watching themselves afterwards could be helping them get turned on, just like watching porn or erotic videos. Another reason l think is it’s ‘self-erotism, there’s something intensely intimate about self-eroticism and something inherently sexy about watching yourself having sex while you’re in the act. Also, it’s exposing a bit of narcissism where we want to see what we look like in a sexual state. Some egocentric people also just find sexual pleasure in themselves, rather than their partners.


“I’ll just advise that when experimenting on this adventure, people should bear in mind that there are some dos and don’ts concenring it. For example, don’t mix sex filming and alcohol. Secondly, ensure it is with someone you trust to keep the footage private at all times. Also draw an agreement that under no circumstances will the footage be exposed or better still, ensure that it is deleted. If it gets exposed, it becomes a crime. Celebrities are humans and they are adults and there’s no rules to love and relationships.”


When asked if victims or parties should not be criticised or judged harshly, especially if they are public figures, she added, “It is really a complicated matter, For ordinary couples, I would not be too bothered. But for celebrities, in my opinion, l will be wondering if it’s a cry for help? It could be an exhibitionist (which a lot of them are these days). Fact is that sex is a normal psychological function and human behaviour regardless of how acceptable or unacceptable it may be depends on our various cultural norms. I feel that as long as the activity is consensual and does not cause any distress or impairment it’s their business. Exposing the footage is a different story.”


Savage is not the first Nigerian celebrity to be blackmailed over nudes. In April 2020, the Queen of Waka music, Salawa Abeni, released her nude pictures after being threatened by a blackmailer. Also in April 2020, media personality, Toke Makinwa, dared blackmailers who threatened to publish her nude pictures by releasing one of the photographs on IG, with a long note addressed to the unknown blackmailers.

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