Top 10 African countries with Best Education System

Top 10 African countries with Best Education System

The top ten African (10) countries with best education system have been unveiled.


Nigeria, the most populous African country is not ranked among the top 10 countries.


According to a report by Business Insider Africa, Cape Verde is the only country in the West African region that made the top 10.

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Seychelles, Tunisia, Mauritius, South Africa, Algeria, Botswana, Kenya, Cape Verde, Egypt and Namibia are the best countries where quality education can be imparted in Africa.

Top 10 African countries with Best Education System
Top 10 African countries with Best Education System

The report on Sunday said, “The World Education Forum consulted 140 countries, including 38 African countries, in identifying the finest education systems based on skill development.


“The report used the overall level of labour competence as well as the amount and quality of schooling in each nation to determine its criteria.

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“The report found that digital literacy, interpersonal skills, and the capacity to think critically and creatively are all factors to consider.”


Why they are rated the best

It was revealed that Seychelles an Island country in East Africa with a population of 98,347 people remains the first and only African country to fully accomplish the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s “education for all” objective.


This accounted for the country’s educational system being ranked the best in Africa among the top 50 systems in the world, placing 43rd overall.

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It has 69.3 points and placed ahead of Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.


The second, third and fourth are Tunisia, Mauritius and South Africa respectively.


Tunisia has 61.4 points and claimed 71st in the world. The North African country has invested 20% of its national budget into the educational sector.

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Mauritius has made schooling compulsory up to the age of 16 and that is why it scored 61 points and ranks 74th in the global education system.


The literacy rate in South Africa is 94 per cent and it scored 58.4 points. It holds the 84th position in the globe.


Another North African country, Algeria came fifth with 57.4 points, and the literacy rate in the country is 75% while Botswana, a southern African nation claimed 56.7 points to be number six on the log and 92nd best country in the global education system.


Kenya ranked 7th with 55.4 points and graded the 95th best country in the world, with a 78.7% literacy rate. It was estimated that the Kenyan government has allocated 17.58% of its budget to the educational sector.


Cape Verde is 8th with 53.3 points and 98th in the world, Egypt is ranked 9th with 52.8 points and globally rated the 99th best country in the world having a 71% literacy rate.


Namibia is ranked 100th in the global education system and 10th in Africa, with a score of 52.7 points. The literacy rate in Namibia is 88.2%.

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