Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN

A member of Parliament for North Tongu, Ghana, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has revealed that a train carrying some Ghanaian students was attacked by the Russians in Ukraine.


Mr Ablakwa said, all the Ghanaian students escaped unhurt.


He said this on the Key Points on TV3/3FM with Dzifa Bampoh on Saturday February 26 while commenting on the decision by the Government of Ghana to evacuate Ghanaian students from Ukraine.

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The Government of Ghana finally decided to evacuate Ghanaian students to neighboring countries – Moldova, Belarus, Slovakia and Hungary – due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN
Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration on Friday February 25 said “The Ministry through its Mission in Berne, Switzerland and the Honourary Consulate in Ukraine are in touch with the Ghanaian students in Ukraine through their leaders.

“A list of students has been compiled to facilitate an evacuation exercise.”

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The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) had maintained that evacuating Ghanaian students from Ukraine is the single most effective response to the conflict.


In a petition to the government on Friday February 25, NUGS said “We therefore make the following recommendations which must all be geared ultimately towards evacuation, Parliament should direct and supervise our mission in Switzerland through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take immediate steps to make food, water and sanitary materials available to students while preparation for evacuation is underway.


“The embassy must improve its communication with students and establish formal means of giving out information to reassure the students who are losing hope in our systems.”

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The Government of Ghana had earlier expressed concerns about the safety of Ghanaian students in Ukraine following the conflcit with Russia.


In series of tweets on Thursday February 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration said “The Government of Ghana is gravely concerned about the security and safety of our over 1000 students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine and has asked them to shelter in place in their homes or in government places of shelter, as we engage the authorities, our relevant diplomatic missions and our honorary consul on further measures.”


Reacting to the new development, Mr Ablakwa said “I must say that the latest shift in position by the government to take concrete steps to evacuate our nationals particularly, students stranded in Ukraine is a positive development.

“I will like to commend the government for this major shift in position. You will recall that earlier in the week, when the only indication was that the students should take shelter and go into hiding, I said that it was inadequate and that it was not a helpful posture particularly, considering the fact that other countries were taking more pragmatic steps to take their nationals out of danger zone.


“I followed keenly what the Indians did, I followed keenly what the French did, what Jamaica did, what the Nigerians are doing. I thought that even though we do not have a resident Diplomatic Mission in Ukraine, it is possible to form some bilateral partnerships with those who were conversant with the terrain, who had more logistical capacity and had elaborate escape plan.

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“I have been in touch with student leaders in Ukraine, NUGS-Ukraine, they tell me that the Polish border appears too choked now, and so, they are using the Slovakia, Hungary and Romania border points. Our diplomatic mission in Berne Switzerland is in touch with them giving regular updates, arrangements have been made across the border to meet those who are on the first train.


“I have seen the movement plan of some other buses that are moving from some different cities particularly in Kyiv later today. I think these evacuation arrangements are heartwarming and we should keep our praying and our thoughts with our nationals in Ukraine. Let us pray that the good Lord will bring them out of harm’s way to safety.”


He added “There was some little skirmishes yesterday, which I followed keenly. Some of our students who were in the train which came under attack from the Russians. Thanks be to God they escaped unhurt. It is quite a dangerous situation and so far, it is to the Glory of God that none of our nationals has been hurt or part of the casualty numbers and so its is really positive.”

Meanwhile, Russia’s deadly SATAN missile set for 2022 is now ready. The hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile is now ready for test.


Russia’s hypersonic 208-tonne ‘Satan-2′ missile is poised for action and the nation will “significantly increase” the number of test launches of its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) this year.


The sabre-rattling on hypersonic nuclear weapons comes amid high tension on the Russian border with Ukraine, with Western fearing Vladimir Putin plans an invasion.


The 15,880mph weapon can deliver a MIRV warhead that weighs up to 10 tonnes to any point in the world flying over both the North and South Poles, the Russians have said.

Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN
Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN

The missile has the capability to use trajectories and unpredictable routes which “substantially impede their destruction even by advanced missile defence systems”, according to Col-Gen Sergey Karakayev, head of Moscow’s strategic missile forces.


He also vowed to keep developing hypersonic weapons to stay ahead of the West.


“We must understand this and do it and go further with hypersonic weapons.


“By the time they find an antidote, we must have found another solution to this.


“And today we are working on it.


“There are developments, there is work in progress.


“I think that this task is within our reach.”

Moscow also made clear that this year it would launch more than ten ICBMs.


This compares with 25 launches in the past five years, indicating a significant increase.


Western leaders warned Russia over the “strategic mistake” of invading Ukraine, threatening unprecedented sanctions against Moscow.


Military movements highlighted in 2021 by the Zaspisky Okhotnika Telegram channel were interpreted as boosting forces with heavy weapons at military field camps near the village off Klintsy.


As the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces near Kyiv, some people believe that the United States and NATO could be muting a military action because of President Vladimir Putin’s Satan 2 liquid fueled nuclear missile.


The Russian ministry of Defense said that the missile is Russia’s response to the US Prompt Global Strike system.

Train carrying Ghanaian Students in Ukraine attacked; as Russia unveils SATAN

Sarmat has a short boost phase, which shortens the interval when it can be tracked by satellites with infrared sensors, such as the U.S. Space-Based Infrared System, making it more difficult to intercept.


It is speculated that the Sarmat could fly a trajectory over the South Pole, completely immune to any current missile defense system, and that it has the Fractional Orbital Bombardment (FOBS) capability.


According to various sources, RS-28’s launch sites are to be equipped with the “Mozyr” active protection system, designed to negate potential adversary’s first strike advantage by kinetically destroying incoming bombs, cruise missiles and ICBM warheads at altitudes of up to 6 km.

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