Treasury looters and corrupt politicians deserve death penalty not social media users – YYSA, Ogun

Any leaders in Government that wish not to be criticise should not near the business of leadership or representing the people at any level, hence the social media bill is an anti – people’s bill and it is aimed at stifling the voices of Nigerian citizens which we condemn in totality before it arrival.


Comrade Faruk Olaotan Shitta, Ogun State Coordinator Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural Association Worldwide reminded the lawmakers that Nigerians voted for good governance & people oriented Bills.


In view of that, Nigerians expect more people focus policies that will alleviate poverty, sufferings, bad roads, youth unemployment, inflation, infrastructural improvement, bad economy etc.


He added that, death penalty bill should be sponsored for treasury looters and corrupt political office holders who amass our collective resources and still went away with it thereby making Nigeria economy paralyze.


Our legislators should upheld the Freedom of Information Act which is a necessity tool for Democracy instead of promoting a Bill to undermine the internationally recognized right to freedom of expression and press freedom worldwide.


Nigerian citizens can not be muzzle on issues bothering on our collective democracy and our leaders must be held accountable of their actions.

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