TRUMP VS BIDEN, who is the Next American President?

TRUMP vs BIDEN: America is at the verge of another election, it stirred and scare many Africans, but my own is about Nigerians in Nigeria who are spooked about the said Election.


I have read and heard so many version of how Trump is no good, how BIDEN is never good, also how both of them are the Best and Satanic at same time.


It causes Nauseous stirring in me because it is only in Nigeria we have Pebbles in our Eyes and we are busy trying to extract a speck in the eyes of another.

Hear me, No matter who wins American president, the African despicable treatment cannot change, they have written our growth on a White toilet tissue spread under the Rain.


American Politics passed the stage of bickering many many years ago, they now elect one based on trifle issues, never again on which Tribe or Tongue gets New Roads or Muddy Road.


They don’t elect President based on who will fill the Cabinet with incompetent relations or kinsmen.

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Americans are not scared of the President amassing wealth at the expense of the masses, the President is an institution, it has foundation, have pillars.

The President only brings personal Staff and doesn’t mess with the entire system, they are progressive and never retrogressive as it is in Africa.

TRUMP VS BIDEN, who is the Next American President?
TRUMP VS BIDEN, who is the Next American President?

What should been troubling is our Nation, where Government wakes up and decide what suits them and never consider the Plight of the masses or how dreadful some Hushhush policy will retard the growth of the Nation, that is, if what we have ever witnessed can be called growth in the first place.

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If Nigerians resident in America finds the election out there of great concern, that is understandable as we have a local parlance that provides “Ebe onye bi, ka ona awachi” (Where one reside is his primary interest).


The Youths of this Nation should be worried about the extra ordinary rot that has become our Nation.

A place where an individual in Government office will steal our Patrimony without reservation or apologies, then when the issue come to the surface, instead of the impoverished masses to picket him or her, they will Form wall of Defence around the person, then will be the time we start building Ethnic byline, just to glorify the theft, hiding under Idiotic protection of our own.


Having known that such glorified Crime has become a part of life, supported by our Courts as none of the culprits has ever been indicted, instead they get exonerated by our Courts that would’ve punished them as detergent.


Dear incompatible folks, sorry I want to say compatriot but the system decided that incompatible is the right word, but let’s progress..


As we stand with Hands Akimbo and EFCC LORD OF HEIST still moves around with air of a Prince and untouchable..

The NDDC gross theft disappeared just like the phantom Dollars and Pounds discovered in Soakaway Pits of Oppositions.


The STORY of that Phython that gets large after swallowing our 64 Billion Naira is no longer trending or making meaning..


That was at the height where Monkey stole her own 36 Billion…


All this money stolen, no action and our Government still have the Balls to go to China, caps in hand to borrow money..

That should be the problem we have and that will swallow us, not and never who become American pres
ident as none will ever grow interest on bettering Nigeria.

They made their Bed and are resting on it peacefully, so they expect us to make ours and also lie on it..


Going to West to borrow money is of no consequence, because the money to lend to us are fraction of the money our leaders stole from us and kept with them.


So they lend us and charge us interest on our money and we continue behaving like Dullard.


Let’s build our Nation, not America that is well built.. Same with, let’s build and support of Football and not European League..


I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU, Mkpisi Ndi Egede and I don’t find our idiocy funny any more and I have said my mind.. Call it Minority dissent if you like, I don’t worry any more.


Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

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