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Twitter Thread: As a Northerner, a vote for Buhari is a vote for a more backward Northern Nigeria.

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North without mincing words, is the most backward region in Nigeria. All indices today have suggested that the region is the worst.

Buhari rode on a mantra of change, Integrity and ‘Love for the Talakawas to power in 2015’. Since Buhari became president, the North has suffered more devastation than any region in Nigeria.
Prior to his emergence in 2015, insecurity in Northern Nigeria was more prevalent in North-East and and some parts of North-Central.

Now, North-West which hitherto was peaceful and habitable for our people has now become the most hit by armed bandits in the last 4 years. Over Hundreds and thousands of people have lost their lives in Zamfara alone to Armed Militias and Sokoto state, one of the most peaceful states in Northern Nigeria is witnessing an unprecedented insecurity.

The home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, Katsina is not spared as well as his kinsmen have been forced to run to neighboring country, Niger Republic as a result of kidnapping and widespread killings in the state.

The Almajiris which Buhari often use as political tool to win power now roam the streets of Northern Nigeria like never before. Many of them have been abandoned, left to starve and uncatered for.
69 per cent of Nigeria’s out-of-school children are in the North – UNICEF

Bauchi state records 1.1 million children that are out of school. While the home state of the president, Katsina has 781,500.

What has Buhari done in the last 4 years to address this?

The President’s wife is notorious for being outspoken when it comes to political matters but she has never for once, address issues that affect our women in Northern Nigeria. Issues ranging from early marriage, VVF, drug abuse, divorce and several others.

I’m extremely proud of some Northern intellectuals who are very critical of Buhari’s administration. The other set of Northerners who are blinded by hate, religion and ethnicity are mostly uneducated and these people find it very difficult to see through Buhari’s hypocrisy.

We have been told that Buhari has Integrity and many uneducated Northerners believe that Buhari is incorruptible. Because these guys are undesucated, they can not discern Buhari’s lopsided fight against corruption and his blind eyes to the corrupt people around him.

What Buhari has succeed in doing in the last four years is empowering the Northern elites and impoverishing the Northern masses.

To my dear Northern brothers and sisters, Atiku Abubakar is a Fulani Northerner.

Buhari is a Fulani Northerner.

Atiku has empowered our people through education and entrepreneurship.

Buhari as President has failed to empower our people through education.

Vote right.

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