Twitter Users explain what doesn’t look like cheating, but is actually cheating

An open discussion by Twitter user, Dhaboy (@dhaboy01), a Computer Scientist and Digital Marketer, have gotten random but interesting answers from other users on a question based on cheating.


In a time when cheating has become much more than what one would believe, this question and its answers become crucial data to keep and to help others see how ‘minds’ works – it may irritate you, some of the answers, but most of these are realities of how your partner may feel about certain things you may consider as cheating.


Cheating according to dictionary is a ”act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.” In relationship, it ”is a violation of a couple’s emotional and/or sexual exclusivity that commonly results in feelings of anger, sexual jealousy, and rivalry.”

Twitter Users explain what doesn't look like cheating, but is actually cheating

Below are the best tweets we could use to explain the question ”What doesn’t look like cheating, but is actually cheating?”

Two things count as cheating:

  • any alienation of affection without the partner’s consent and
  • spending money without the partner’s consent.

So, if you are spending emotional time with someone, particularly at the expense of quality time with your partner and your partner is upset about it, then you’re probably cheating.

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Below are more from random Twitter users;

AMARI @Bubblybubblesin
Me. I don’t like cheating on my man but he’s broke so I have to cheat to get money to maintain myself.


Ms. Sweet MouthCandy @A_Abby_Abi
Having a “bestie” who’s more important to you than your bf/gf even if the relationship with your bestie isn’t sexual.

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Indirectly encouraging a guy/babe you know is interested in you by letting them have access to you at anytime.


callme_debbie @DeborahOlaleka1
Giving your hoodie or shirt to another girl to wear
Going out or keeping distance while receiving some certain calls
Giving female friends nicknames
Hiding your screen
Sending Red heart hearty emojis
Saying I love you too someone else


Cyber infidelity, emotional infidelity, sexual activity without intercourse, and object affair are all ways of cheating without actually having sex with someone else. But it’s still cheating and is still wrong.


Flag of United StatesD£z• @Kraytur1
When I met my wife she had a bestie of 14 years I didn’t expect him to be any trouble until my wife who was in the USA at the time told me she was going to spend 3 days at his place then I was like wait o 3 days only them 2 for house aaah Face screaming in fear

Plus she swore they had a platonic friendship relationship but they’ve done as much as soak in a jacuzzi gone to massage parlors danced and basically done everything a couple did besides sexual things I simply told her loose the guy or loose me and she lost him lol.


Raphael @Taurus_Gal7
Going outside to receive a female call when I’m with you
Saying she’s just my friend when you’re steadying crediting her and dashing her free airtime
Not picking her calls because I’m there
When you receive a portrait, cake and gifts from a female that’s not ur gf

𝕾𝖊𝖓𝖘𝖊𝖎 @JohnJagaba
Putting more butter on your toast than mine, Carrying the bigger meat, putting more stew for yourself and less for me, cutting the bread uneven and carrying the bigger part, picking from my Groundnut to add to your garri! “It’s only three na” Yes!!! But it was fucking mine!!!

Occupying most of the bed, pulling the blanket to your side, refusing to share your biscuit, carrying the warm akara and leaving the cold ones for me, putting more sugar in your pap etc


Fuckstar_abj @UnderLowFreak
There’s nothing like cheating when your doing boyfriend and girlfriend stuff cuz that’s not recognised anywhere.
When filling a CV at the status position why do you still choose single.


Butterflyyour @Symplydiva1
Going on dates with someone who is trying to make you fall in love with them when you actually have a relationship.


Treating another random guy/girl better than him/her, giving the person much more attention than your partner
Might not be cheating but we can’t be together lmao


Fareedah @myopicreedah02
Having opposite sex “best friend”


Ursula Diamond @UrsulaDiamond2
Giving another ladies same vibes as mine
Secret chats.
Having a bestie Unamused faceUnamused facefrom opposite sex

Sandy @SandySings11
Leaving me at home to go and watch football. Oga cheated on me with football

Twitter Users explain what doesn't look like cheating, but is actually cheating
What doesn’t look like cheating, but is actually cheating

Emmanuelisking @Emmanuelisking1
Leading someone you don’t like on.

Laughing at the lame jokes of a stranger and not your partner’s.

Liking the contents of another person,more than your partner.

Thinking more about someone else in a way you should be thinking about your partner.


black panda @lospeypeys
Going on dates with people you know are interested in you while in a relationship

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