Ugly Boys Like Us (How Do You respond to Society)

Ugly Boys Like Us


For boys like us, we are smart, tall, vibrant, funny but our faces are like a rough sketch of a small child learning how to draw an aeroplane.


We want to be loved but we are liked. We also want to feel among like Nnadozie and Jidenna, who girls flood their dm with love emojis and get a thousand reactions on their social media handles when they post a picture yawning.

We want to pout during selfies and still make girls say ‘awwwwwwnn’ not looked upon with a disgusting countenance. We really want everyone, even those we don’t know to wish us a happy birthday and call us ‘fish’ just because we are fine. We are only lucky to find a girlfriend when they want to use us for academic gains.


You think it’s really funny? How they invite all your friends to a party and tell you the invitation card is just for a few? You think we feel good when people grade us based on our facial appearance instead of our character? Isn’t that color racism? Yet we preach humanity. Yet we go to church and shout Amen and let the innocent tears flow, enough to cover our hypocrisy. When the relaxer and conditioners we apply to our hair only makes us look like a local Calabar dog bitten by rain.

You think we feel cool, trying so hard to be accepted by society. Watching the only girl we care for and struggled hard to get, leave us for a guy with pink lips. You really don’t know the feeling. ‘Cause if you do, you’d understand that there’s more to being a person than the things your eyes can relate to.

For ugly boys like us, we do our best to get to the top of life. Most times, we are stigmatised in a pious way — ‘God didn’t make mistake creating you, don’t change who you are’. All in bid to make us stay away from plastic surgeries and wearing make ups to look better. We don’t appear in banners or stickers.

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Everyone wants to be beautiful and accepted for their face and maybe body; no one wants to be who he is because he feels good about it and would also love to be celebrated. Sometimes I ask myself, was my maker sleeping when he created me? Or was it an apprentice angel learning how to craft humans that used me as an experiment. I do wonder how my makers would have looked at me and laughed so hard on how mistaken I was made.

Ugly Boys Like Us

I no you do wonder that too. I don’t mean only the boys but the girls as well. You know you might never look good. The mirrors around show you a masquerade when you look at it. Motivational speakers will only make you feel good for the meantime but leave you in your feelings and thoughts once they leave the podium. You’re the real ambassador of body care products but you’re not recognized because your face is allergic to public attraction.

Now listen real good. Beauty is what you call it. Once you start feeling good about yourself and learn to love you for you, those voices in your head will gradually grow dumb. There are several other things to focus in life than what you look like. What people say gets to us because we have decided to get validated by them.

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Well, we all love to be praised and celebrated so it does matter no matter how well we pretend not to need admirations. For ugly boys like us, our admirations come in form of respect and honor because we do all we can to add to our personality aside being facially alluring. What does that tell you, your face might pure gold and would attract so many buyers but your mind remains a tourist center one needs to pay in order to explore it. That is the true beauty. One that attracts men of repute and high standards not any random person.


If all you could offer is a fine face, then what happens when you grow old and your face slowly folds up to aging?

The true essence of our existence shouldn’t be our facial appearance, it can be forgotten in a hurry and covered by the dust of happenstances overtime; but our little contributions to raise society by an inch or more, better than we met it. Beauty can be remembered and appreciated if it stands time.


For ugly boys like us, we have learned to add an ex.

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