UK – Nigeria Travel Ban and the Sweet Truth

UK – Nigeria Travel Ban and the Sweet Truth

When you can’t trust a nation and it’s citizens to do what is right and logical then you have to put securities in place against such a nations plus it’s citizens.


Nigeria the country and Nigerians the citizens have shown clearly that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing.


Nigeria is the only country in Africa where you pay on arrival for a covid test into a personal account and not the Federal government’s bank account.

UK - Nigeria Travel Ban and the Sweet Truth
UK – Nigeria Travel Ban and the Sweet Truth

British Nigerians raised this issued at the airport and made several videos which were posted on social media however due to the dubious nature of a vast group of Nigerians nothing was done to correct this abnormal occurrence because it’s the right thing in Nigeria.


Nigeria collected millions from the EU with regards to fighting Covid-19.

Nigeria was given millions of Vaccines in the fight against Covid-19 and a basic requirement was for records to be kept for reference purposes, this record was nowhere to be found when the UK wanted to gain access to check on some Nigerians who had certificates stating they had been double jabbed but had no antibodies in their system.


Nigeria and Nigerians think that the British are stupid and ignorant but the ignorant and stupid ones are the Nigerians who complain about UK protecting itself.


If Nigeria the country and its Citizens want to put themselves in harms ways that’s fine and nobody will stop them however all will be done to stop them from exporting unacceptable behaviour and actions from Nigeria to the UK.


Nigerians love to be seen as the victim because they love doing the wrong thing, then expect everyone to accept the madness they come out with but far from it, now even Ghana has had enough of Nigeria, South Africa too and Europe.


Nigeria never asks why people all over the world are beginning to despise them, why they are now a red flag in any country they visit.


If Nigeria and its citizens can’t get it’s house in order that’s is a decision they choose but we now have leaders like Boris Johnson who is not afraid to be called racist because only a fool uses racism as an excuse when caught doing the wrong thing.

The British don’t need Nigeria or Nigerians, whatever Nigeria has can be sought elsewhere so it is hi time Nigeria and Nigerians understand that they aren’t indispensable.

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Priti Patel should ensure that any Nigerian coming to the UK with false Covid-19 certificates if caught should face a 36 month mandatory prison sentence and be banned from further entry to the UK for life.


Instead of Nigeria and its citizens to ask why a lot of other African Nation’s aren’t on the list and learn they are busy crying wolf.

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