Unexplained Mysteries about terrorism in Nigeria

Unexplained Mysteries about terrorism in Nigeria.


1.How are the terrorists able to move freely in hundreds on bikes and in vehicles to commit crime for hours and go back to their camps in states under heavy security surveillance?

  1. With all our NIN and digitalisation of personal records and all “digitable”, why is it that no tracking of telephone conversations, about receivers of huge ransom paid by families of the abducted to “buy back” their relatives?

  2. Why is the huge ransom not traceable to any bank as the CBN and DSS claimed they traced the movement of fund to the accounts of EndSARS sponsors and receivers?

  3. If truly many of these Fulani bandits /terrorists buy cows with the received ransom, as claimed by some notable Fulani leaders, to replace their rustled cattle stolen by another group of bandits, then, why can’t security officers trace such trade to those cattle markets in and outside Nigeria to trap the bandits?

  4. Why is it that no major sponsor of terrorists /bandits has been arrested and prosecuted and just few number of terrorists are arrested, prosecuted and jailed so far?

  5. It’s no more a secret where the forest and various camps of terrorists are, El-Rufai has again confirmed this, the question is why can’t the president order continuous bombardment of their camps instead of giving lame order that security should shoot on sight any bandits with AK 47. in public? The president should have known that AK 47 is not a fashion walking stick, any bandit with AK 47 in public is ready to kill or be killed. So, why can’t the security bombard their abode instead of waiting to see AK 47 carrying bandits in sight before shooting them on sight.

  6. The argument that innocent people will die if security invade bandit forest looks selective because when the same security bombarded Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba Nasion at night or Nnamdi Kanu’s home, they didn’t think of innocent citizens that would die. Yet, these are not terrorists but ethnic right agitators.

  7. Why is the government not releasing the full names of sponsors of terrorists as always promised?


Lastly, why I am even writing this piece when I know Seriki Integrity regime won’t give an answer since other Nigerians across go-political zones had also asked the same questions but unanswered. Well, may be for the attention of discerming Nigerians (not Abobakus) and for my own historical record for the umpteenth time.
Anyway, without resolving these mysteries, the war against terror will be a joke.

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