1. The Igbo people cannot be trusted with the Presidency because of violence in the South-East, but the North deserves eight more years of Presidency inspite of terrorism in the North!

  2. An Igbo man as President is not good for national unity, but eight more years of another Fulani sub-national as President is good for national unity!

  3. Igbo sub-nationals overwhelmingly supporting Peter Obi makes him an Igbo project, but the Northerners overwhelmingly supporting Atiku is a show of Northern political unity!

  4. When Igbo people supported Obasanjo, Yar’adua, Goodluck Jonathan, they lacked unity, but when they support Peter Obi, they are playing ethnic politics.

  5. ISWAP has been establishing sovereign fundamentalist enclaves all over the North and yet the North wants to continue ruling Nigeria, but Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation is a red flag for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction!

  6. Christians supporting Peter Obi are religious bigots, but Muslims refusing to vote for him or any kafir are masters of political unity!

  7. At a biological age of circa 86, Jagaban brings the benefit of experience, but a 61 year-old Peter Obi is too young to be President.

  8. A Muslim Jagaban and a Muslim VP from the North is political sagacity, but a Christian President and a Christian VP would be a revolting form of religious intolerance!

  9. Northerners who are decamping APC to PDP to support Atiku Abubakar are considered political juggernauts, but joining Labour Party from APC or PDP is a sign of political disloyalty.

  10. Jagaban graduated in 1979 at age of 27 years allegedly, and has not shown his NYSC certificate, but “issorite”. Nigerian laws are not for everyone.

  11. And the grandmother of all contradictions is how anyone who reminds a Northern politician that the North remains the poverty and terrorism capital of the world after 8 years of Fulani rule is considered anti-North, but any other region with same report card would be castigated to no end by power-hungry political elites from Northern Nigeria as lacking qualification to produce the Presidency.


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