US National Anthem angers Chinese diners; refuse to pay restaurant bill

US National Anthem angers Chinese diners; refuse to pay restaurant bill

Two Chinese men reportedly left a restaurant in California without paying because a group of Chinese American diners sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” during an event.


What happened: The incident occurred inside a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles on Oct. 13, according to World Journal, as translated by Taiwan News. The two men entered the restaurant at around 7 p.m. and left without paying 20 minutes later.


According to the waitress whom one of the men spoke to, they were angered when a group in the restaurant, identified as Chinese Americans, began singing the U.S. national anthem during a fundraising event for Mike Fong.

Fong is running as a state assembly member for California’s 49th Assembly District.


“Chinese people singing the American national anthem is so infuriating, we won’t pay this bill,” the man allegedly said. They reportedly ordered $100 worth of food.

Even though they refused to pay for their meal, the restaurant’s owner doubted that was their intention from the beginning since the two men, who he described as having incomprehensible behavior, had barely touched their food before they left.


The owner also questioned why the men traveled to the U.S. even though they hated the country. He was also confused why they “endured hardships and look for anger” in the U.S.


“These Chinese are all American citizens who were naturalized in the United States. If they can’t sing the American national anthem, what can they sing?” the owner said.

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