There is always this story about the dead. It’s probably a make up story! Everyone is seeking to soothing their cravings and narate their encounters with the dead in a way to speak good about them in their back. It’s an unending and painfully sighted scenery of some sorts. It’s doesn’t really matter what I write, or have been written, epically, everyone is extremely insatiable and insanely seeking relevance. I might be religiously wrong but who cares!


We, instead, extend the said cheerfulness to the very living who are lavishing and strandedly aground. We go about seeking relevancy from a dead person we were never close, probably one or two interactive sessions when he or she is alive. You hold on to that very session as if it’s worth a preserved memories. Intentions matters, and attention is everything, then here comes the reaction, cos in it we feel the action.



We must do away with impressing and narrating a story worthless. And stop exhibiting our pretentious acts in public domain. I for one know that we have a separate groups, and we want to maintain the eye service. But this skirmishers among us can’t see the clearer picture. We are all humans with one purpose, one goal and one choice. No matter how you try to make someone who doesn’t see you, see you, you keep failing to see the real you and deny yourself some self-worth or esteems.



The dead is dead. Say brief prayers for them. Stop using them to gain back trust or respect. Stop using them for back doors talks to get favours or light up conversation. Let the dead die peacefully. Whatever must have led to their death is now abortive. Whether we believe in human’s nature or culture, at least, we should believe in human transition which is inevitable. We can have differs ideology, but same race as humans. We are all carneous, with flesh and blood flowing in our veins, and that should also make us remorseful of our very deceitful nature or behavior. Let the dead be… Stop the side talks. One day, I will be a corpse and I know, no one ought to have a better memories with me…. My memories will be shared in most of my thoughts express in my writings.

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