More than 95 percent of the Imo State population will not blink on reading from any source that the governance of the State has suffered utter negligence occasioned by the Hope Uzodimma administration. The failure of the government has robbed off on every aspect of governance such that there is hardly one person in the entire State, who ‘genuinely’ believe in the government, apart from the governor’s wife, other members of the Uzodimma family and a few others who may be compelled to pat the Governor’s back on account of their strong affinity with him, or to fulfill some emotional and social obligations, and therefore, turn their eyes and conscience away from the numerous ills of his administration.

It does not come as a surprise to anyone because, in Imo, there is a complete collapse of all systems of governance and the Governor runs the State like his private warehouse. He resides in Abuja and chooses when to come down east to open the shop to sell some goods and swiftly take some back to Abuja. The numerous issues like the corruption in the civil service, the dysfunctional local government system, the deteriorating education sector, the ineffective legislature, the crippled economy, and others will be discussed another time.


One significant indication of Uzodimma’s disastrous administration is the disrespectful treatment of his appointees. The Governor has the authority to hire as many aides as he sees fit, and when he appointed 217 aides in February 2022, including Special Advisers (SAs), Special Assistants, and Senior Special Assistants, alongside numerous other appointments in December 2022 with absurd and unnecessary responsibilities, there was no opposition.

However, a leopard cannot change its stripes. It is no surprise that a government of some individuals known for fraudulent activities, such as the dishonorable men in charge of Imo today, would reveal their true colors through their appointments. Even after more than six months since their appointments and inauguration, the over 240 new appointees have yet to receive their terms and conditions of service, let alone receive any form of payment. The government, once their names were published and announced, immediately abandoned these individuals to their uncertain fate.


In Uzodimma’s administration, there is a clear lack of organization and direction among the appointed officials who can be seen aimlessly wandering the streets of Owerri. They do not have a designated office space in the state, which further adds to the confusion surrounding their roles and responsibilities. In order to gain access to the government house, many of these appointees are required to obtain special permits, highlighting the disarray within the system.

As a result, these officials find themselves unable to fulfill the expectations and demands placed upon them by their families, friends, and communities, who now view them as representatives of the government. The pressure to “meet up” with these expectations has led many of these individuals to a state of despair, as they struggle to disconnect from their previous lives and avoid the shame of not being able to deliver.


For those who reside in the city, visiting their hometowns has become a source of anxiety, as they have nothing substantial to show for their appointments. Overall, the disorganized and ineffective nature of Uzodimma’s regime has resulted in a state of paralysis, leaving many appointees feeling hopeless and disillusioned.

Additionally, a concerning trend has emerged among some government appointees who have been frequently visiting the office of the Deputy Speaker, who essentially functions as the Speaker, in hopes of receiving special favors. This behavior further highlights the disrespectful treatment that these appointees, including those selected by the Governor, have been subjected to.

It is disheartening to observe that only in Imo State do the Special Assistants (SAs) and Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) to the Governor resort to borrowing money from their friends, regardless of their political affiliations, to meet financial obligations such as their children’s education expenses and rental agreements. These appointees are quick to share the miseries they have faced in their lives since being appointed by Governor Uzodimma.

One might feel sorry for them and even advise them to resign when hearing about how they have used their cars as collateral for loans or had to sell other assets to support their families. However, they consistently run to media platforms, including electronic, print, and social media, to sing the praises of their tormentor-in-chief, hoping endlessly that one day they would be paid a penny by the government. Even some who owe debts as low as Fifty Thousand Naira (50,000) to their friends will still defend the government in response to this piece. This phenomenon brings to mind Fela’s concept of “suffering and smiling.” When they put a rejoinder to this helpful engagement, the public should not hesitate to ask for proof of salary payment since February and, of course, documentation regarding the terms of their appointment.

Some believe that their salaries have been used to fund the governor’s excessive trips to Abuja, often conducted on a chartered jet. Words on the streets suggest that disgruntled appointees have been informed by Douglas House that their only usefulness lies on the upcoming election day, where they will be expected to act as thugs, confiscate electoral materials, and even sacrifice themselves for a leader who shows no concern for their wellbeing. At first, one may question the credibility of these rumors. However, considering the vast number of appointees and recalling the horrifying events that unfolded during the previous House of Assembly elections, this narrative becomes more plausible. The crucial question that lingers is: how many of these disillusioned appointees, who initially thought their appointments meant a better life, will support and engage in unlawful activities to keep their tormentor-in-chief in power?


It is often said that charity starts at home. It is highly unlikely that a governor who neglects the well-being of his cabinet members can provide shared prosperity for the people of Imo State. This is evident in the sharp decline in employment rates and the lackluster environment for doing business, which has driven away investors due to concerns for their safety and security. The responsibility lies with these government officials and the entire population of Imo State to embrace the change that Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu of the Peoples Democratic Party represents. It is essential to remove the selfish and deceitful individuals in power at Douglas House and install a governor who will ensure that all citizens and residents of Imo State benefit from the resources of our beloved state.


Lancelot Obiaku is the Director-General, Imo PDP New Media

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