Valentine Nacking

Valentine Nacking

So there’s love in the Air, and all the people wey get dates now dey oppress all the single people for their Area. Some people go watch Whatsapp Status tire, and Insta sef no dey safe at all.

No be say body dey pepper me o about Valentine, because me na correct lover boy, but since I chop breakfast from my babe that year for secondary school, I no dey use my full heart love any girl again. So people wey dey always shout fear Woman upandan, e sure me say women don show dem one or two shege before na why.


I Don get plenty memorable valentine days o, but the one wey dey always play for my mind na my first one for University. As a sharp guy, I no fit dull, So I Don already get babe for year one, her name na Queen. But Sha one thing about all this school relationships na say, you fit get babe but your babe sef go get Serious Man wey dey worry am for marriage or even sugar daddy wey dey fund her soft girl lifestyle and if na that kain situation you find yourself, you go ready to be your babe cousin or Nephew anytime those men dem show up.

So Queen, no dey stay Alone for her room, she get Roommate wey her name na Amanda, Me and am no too dey talk but because say I dey date her friend, we gats dey hail each other.

So as Valentine dey come, na so me and Queen just dey make plans, and we Don agree finish o, na so very early for morning I rush go her Hostel as lover boy wey I be, I first Give her Flower wey I buy, come carry chocolate give her on top, na so she just dey smile dey blush, Amanda just dey shout Awww, I go love o, before you know it, my babe phone begin ring o, na so she answer phone as na one or the senior men dey call her, after the phone call her face come change, me sef Don put 1 and 2 together come know wetin dey sup, she tell me say she has to go and her bag Don already dey packed o, e be like say she just dey wait the call sef. Na so she kiss me, enter uber comot, na so I just weak, Instead of to dey go back my Side, I say make I kill time for her place as my guys know say I dey go my babe side, make dem no go use yab finish me.


Na so I tell Amanda make I just hang for their side small, make I rest small I go take off, she say no wahala, na so we enter house, she begin watch all this K-drama, na so I begin press phone out of boredom, before I know it I Don sleep go.


Omo na so I begin dream one kain dream wey I dey smash Amanda for dream, I know say na dream I dey dream because me and her no dey even talk not to talk of to fuck. But as I begin give her doggie for the dream, e come be like say the sensation too much, Amanda get big yansh I no go lie, her yansh big like Queen own too, but as the thing dey too sweet me for the dream I say, make I wake up, make I no go burst for my joggers for real life.

As I open eyes, I see Amanda use force dey suck my Prick like person wey dey hungry, I first shock, she look up look me na so our eyes jam, she stop, dey wait make I talk something, ọmọ I just dey look her, she just dey look me, as I no talk anything, na so she continue dey suck my prick aggressively, na so I grab her head, dey try get her make she slow down, the girl no gree o, na so I grab her by shoulder make I carry her up to me, na so she willingly dey come up to me o, I think say she dey come, make she kiss me, na so this girl mount me, begin ride me.


I just dey wonder why Amanda rough like this. This girl get energy I no go lie. She just dey ride me hard, I just lay down dey take the pounding, as I notice say she Don dey feel the dick, na so I grab her yansh, suspend her for Air begin pound her, Amanda wey dey always serious her face begin moan o, begin tell me to fuck that pussy, destroy that Ass.

Me sef never Wan believe wetin we dey do, na My babe Roommate I Bury my dick deep inside her pussy like this. From the look of things she dey enjoy am, but me over thinking dey worry me, na so I turn her, from back enter her, at least this time na me use my hand connect Prick to her toto, so me sef Don dey guilty.


Na so I begin pound Amanda from Back, her pussy thick and tight, so when she wan come, e just dey tight my prick more and more – I like women die, dem fit cum as many times as possible, I know say Amanda don reach orgasm because her pussy just dey grip my prick as I dey thrust her, but I just say make I fuck her dey go as punishment as she wan chop wetin her friend dey chop, na so I dey pound her dey go, na so She dey jerk like motor wey do over heating, she come suddenly quiet, stop dey moan, na then I know say wahala dey, I just comot prick from her body, she just lie down still dey jerk, na so I rush grab her o. Hold her dey ask her if she’s okay, after she Don shake finish calm down, she tell me say she dey okay, say na so her orgasms dey take come o. I tell her no wahala, say I no go like find out again.


Na so our nack section take end o, na so me and am enter bathroom go bath together, she just suck me off till I come.


I sleep off for their Apartment, when I wake up, my Babe Don come back from her away Match with lots of goodies, she come tell me make we go my side, say she have special gift she’s putting on for me, say make we no worry her Roomie. Amanda said she no mind o, say she go watch us jokingly, but deep down I know say she fit dey talk true. But my babe Insisted we leave. Na so we leave Amanda for there, come begin dey go my Side to go start the real Valentine Nacking.


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