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It has to be said that at the slimmest test of his belief in a political party he once described as the platform for the actualization of Igbo political agenda, the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Senator Victor Umeh left the party.


Interestingly, Umeh was the Chairman of the Party’s reconciliation committee in 2021. He had the mandate to reconcile the aggrieved members of the party, particularly those who lost out in the governorship election contest that produced Prof Chukwuma Soludo as the the party’s candidate.


Today, Senator Umeh has left APGA after losing the Senatorial ticket to Hon Dozie Nwankwo in a free and fair primary election. This tells a lot about the temperament and principles of a man who can be described as one of the greatest beneficiaries of the party.


During his time as the National Chairman, Umeh lived large and called the shots almost unquestioned. He led an APGA that disqualified anyone perceived to be in opposition to his political agenda to the extent that even the present Governor, Chukwuma Soludo was disqualified from contesting the 2013 governorship election. Many who sought to contest different political positions were also disqualified – Councillorship, Local Government Chairman, House of Reps, Senate.


Umeh’s reign as APGA National Chairman was similar to that of an emperor. He was the Lord and Master of APGA. His tenure which according to the APGA constitution was meant to last for a maximum of 8 years spanned through to 13 years, without any election. Umeh ensured that the APGA NWC and NEC were made up of his stooges – people he could always manipulate to approve his extension as National Chairman.


It is pertinent to note that through the days of Peter Obi as Governor, till the coming of Soludo, Chief Victor Umeh received 20 million naira from the state’s coffers on a monthly basis. Courtesy of an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) he made the APGA led government in the State grant him. The stoppage of that payment must have formed part of the reasons Umeh saw no need to remain in APGA.


In 2015, Umeh locked the Senatorial ticket of Anambra Central Senatorial District and kept it to himself to the extent that it was politically suicidal for anyone to contest the party ticket against him. Similarly, in 2019, the party also gave him the opportunity to fly its flag in the Senatorial District. He got the party ticket unopposed but went on to lose the election just as he did in 2015.


The only sin the party committed against Umeh was not gifting him the party ticket for the third time running. The party offered him a free and fair platform to contest its ticket with other Aspirants. This was to be Chief Umeh’s first real electoral contest and he lost. Recall that he went to the Senate through an election that the court barred the PDP and APC candidates from contesting.


The question now begging for answers is, why did Senator Umeh leave APGA?


Is Victor Umeh better than Prof Soludo who was disqualified in 2013, yet he kept faith with the party?


Is Umeh better than Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, wife of the former Biafran warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who lost the APGA Anambra South Senatorial ticket in 2019 yet remained in APGA?


Is Umeh better than several APGA Aspirants who lost primary elections or were disqualified by the party, including those Umeh himself had a hand in their disqualification?


Victor Umeh had no justifiable reason to leave APGA except for the fact that he appears to still be living under the euphoria that the party will continue to exist as an entity that revolves around his influence and control. Every entity that must grow must evolve and APGA is not different.


Today Victor Umeh is in Labour party to hide under the shadow of Peter Obi, a man he abused, accused, cajoled and fought to destroy for the most part of the last decade.


What will Umeh tell the people about the Labour party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi whom he had previously described as a traitor, betrayer and unfit to criticise former governor Obiano just because he enjoyed some largess from Obiano’s government. Thanks to Soludo whose government saw an end to the unmerited entitlements Umeh enjoyed.


Ndi Anambra, it’s a new dawn! The rejection of Victor Umeh in the upcoming Anambra Central Senatorial election will bring further liberation to our political system. Umeh is bad luck and we pray his bad luck does not affect the wonderful presidential ambition of our son, Peter Obi.


Victor Umeh’s exit from APGA is worthy of celebration.

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