Victoria Inyama is asking for DSS Instructor – Sowore

Victoria Inyama has taking to Instagram bitterly asking for who the DSS is taking instructions from.


The Former Nollywood actress shared her thoughts on the trending issue between Sowore and the DSS.

Recall Sowore was re-arrested in court shortly after it was announced he had been freed.


Victoria Inyama, reacting to this wrote; ” I weep for Nigeria ooooo.”


She also shamed Nigerian lawyers who have turned their back on the issue which have showed high disrespect for courts.

“A lawless land governed by rouges & miscreants. Shame on Nigeria’s judiciary,” she stated.


All d legal luminaries are drinking water and minding their business. Dss answers to who pls cause I am lost. Where/who is Dss taking instructions from..⁉️ To d extent they over ride a Judge’s ruling….⁉️ All d movers & shakers have relocated their families abroad so they are Not bothered. No one is asking questions. This is a Shame. A huge Disgrace. A lawless land governed by rouges & miscreants. Shame on Nigeria’s judiciary, I saw Lawyers recording when they are supposed to be speaking & acting. Lawyers looking lost and confused while vagabonds attacked a man. Where are d big daddies from their big churches..shame⁉️. Y’all excited about American musicians whilst d people sacrificing for your freedom are locked up. Pls can someone tell Sowore to drop this fight & relocate. He’s eligible for citizenship in any foreign country. Fighting for Nigerians In Nigeria is guyed masts

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