VIDEO: Nigerian Youths protest the ‘activities’ of Bobrisky.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria left their home on Thursday, 19th September, to protest against Bobrisky, saying his behavior is ungodly.


The unsure gender personality, Bobrisky for months have been receiving threats from prominent Nigerians and the Nigeria Police force.


The recent is this group asking him to ‘return to being a man’ or leave the country.



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Xenophobia attacks no protest
Increase in VAT no protest
Implementation of cashless policy no protest
And here we are protesting against someone’s lifestyle Bobrisky should go and rest pls


Ironically, Bobrisky is becoming what s/he dreamt of by using some heads that are full of what i dont know. Mtcheew!
Spread the bad news of him and watch him win endorsements and buy expensive sh*ts. ☹️☹️


The National Youth Council really has time to protest against Bobrisky. But they were silent When innocent youths were/are being killed by the Police, the recent killing in FUOYE, the increase of child marriages etc. But Bobrisky is of National importance that he is a threat.


VAT was increased yesterday, 18 governors havent selected their commissioners after 100 days in office, Police pays no attention to girls killed in PH, Multiple rape cases reported, no protest

But Bobrisky crossdressing is what we are protesting about.

What a Country!


They say Nigerians will pay 5% just to deposit and withdraw their own ₦500k and above and our response is to protest against Bobrisky, who has publicly said he pays Nicodemus visits to the very same men coming up with this evil policy.

Who did this to Nigeria?


Seems Bobrisky is of greater threat to a sustainable economy and wellbeing of the average Nigerian than the leaders we voted into the power.
The only reason for these constant harassments.


A so called President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria organised a press conference against Bobrisky. Not against poor funding of the education sector. Not against killings by bandits all over Zamfara & Katsina or against epileptic power supply. Is our generation doomed?


They are not protesting against the state of the Nation:

* VAT Hike
* Bank Deposit charges
* Boko Haram killings
* Bandits kidnapping
* Government forces kidnapping

But it is Bobrisky that is giving them headache?


Protesting against Bobrisky for acting like a Woman saying its Ungodly but when its time to Protest against Pastors Molesting & Assaulting Women it’s “Let no one touch my anointed”. Kidnappings & Killings everyone but Bobrisky is your issue. FOH 😑


Dear headliners, stop using ’Nigerian Youths’ we are at work battling our 9-5 you think we have that time to go protesting against Bobrisky!

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