Wathoni: Why I allow my son call me by name

Former Big Brother Naija season five housemate, Wathoni Anyasi, on Sunday stated that she had no issues with her son calling her by her name.


She made this known on Instagram while celebrating her son’s seventh birthday.


Sharing pictures of her son, the single mother-of-one revealed that her son called her Tolu, which was her Yoruba name, whenever he was angry.


According to her, calling her by her name was her son’s way of telling her how much he missed her.

Wathoni: Why I allow my son call me by name

She wrote, “Happy seventh birthday, my amazing son. You bring joy to each and everyone that comes your way.

“You are such a smart kid, and in every sense. You have different ways of expressing yourself, even those times you call me Tolu (my Yoruba name).

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“It doesn’t matter to be honest because those times I know you are mad at me or you know I am mad at you, especially when you are missing me. That’s probably your way of saying, ‘Mummy I need you here’.


“You have been such a blessing and I thank God he brought you into my life. With you, I will do it again and again because the blessings you have brought in my life are not quantifiable.


“Happy birthday baby. Mummy loves you so much and for you, I’m gonna use my last penny to take care of you.”

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In August 2020, during one of the BigBrother Naija shows, Wathoni disclosed that she got pregnant as a virgin at 23.


During her wager task, Wathoni revealed that she got pregnant at 23 without having sex.

Wathoni: Why I allow my son call me by name

Speaking of her experience as a virgin mother, the single mother of one said she adopted her father’s name for her son because she serves as parents for the young boy.


“My son is my hero, I love him so much. In fact, I do not allow people to beat him. We do everything together, from Yoga to taking pictures.

“He bears my surname, Anyasi, because I’m his mother and father. He is my shining star,” she said.


She however disclosed how she got pregnant without penetration.


“I was a virgin till 23. That day, I was with the guy in question. At that time, I was ovulating but I didn’t know so I was not bothered about it.


“He is the kind of guy that gets turned on by seeing a vagina. So, all he did was to rub his penis on my vagina and ejaculate. There was no penetration. That was it.”

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