Ways Buhari will steal more money and slaughter Nigerians in 2022


Looking at the political timetable in 2022, it is obvious that the executive, legislative arms of government will be absent from their duty posts.


The Judiciary is still in a coma and in the Intensive Care Unit “ICU” at a hospital located in the village of the Sharia Chief Justice of Nigeria. I still don’t know his name.

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Consequently there will be no one to administer and superintendent over the country’s affairs because they all will be busy with political parties Conventions, Nominations and political jiggly pokey. They will be lost in the entire activities because their lives solely depend on the outcome. They are a bunch of thieves looking for escape routes at every given opportunity.


They will be engaged in political battles either to retain their seats or move to a better secure and lucrative positions.

In the process, the already hopeless insecurity situations in the country and the ever plunging economy would be left unattended.

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Ways Buhari will steal more money and slaughter Nigerians in 2022
Ways Buhari will steal more money and slaughter Nigerians in 2022

Aha, here buhari would slyly deploy his well groomed rogues to pounce on the country’s treasury so to steal money with which to settle his fulani kinsmen from outside of Nigeria, whose solely occupation is to kidnap, rape and kill innocent citizens for ransom. These money will in turn be transmitted to a special squad of fulani terrorists to procure more arms and ammunition in order to further their stock in trade – terrorism.


Back to the inept politicians and the useless Conventions.


The only possible way left for them to demonstrate a semblance of governance will be to unleash their dogs (military, police, political thugs, Para military and quasi law enforcement agencies) on the poor and already impoverished citizens.

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These pack of wild dogs who have long been itching to feast on their fellow citizens would impatiently pounce on the very vulnerable citizens and the political opponents of their bosses.

These lazy bunch of military and police that are already subdued by, and very scared of confronting boko haram, fulani terrorists, and foreign invaders would happily enjoy the political distractions, they will make serious bucks from extorting the poor souls and the innocent citizens.


Of course they will make serious bucks because there will be no need for them to account to anyone; moreover, for the reason of the lacuna already created by the 2022 political timetable, they will extort with reckless abandon.


The law enforcement agencies and political thugs would operate freely without checks and balances, because their bosses shall have been bloated with the open and fat cheques drawn in their favor by the rogue politicians who shall be busy running from pillar to post, and having nocturnal meetings at the wee hours of the night like bats and vampires that they truly are.


Despicable thieves they all are. Spit on them when you see them.

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