Weight loss or Fat loss? Which is healthier and essential?

Losing weight is the ability to shed some pounds or kg without having an underlying health conditions which leads to it. A lot of times, dieting, intermittent fasting and and exercise work faster and healthier.


One of the best way to losing Weight is not abandoning carbohydrates but reducing the percentage in our food.


I have seen people say they won’t add carbohydrates to their meals anymore because they need to lose some weight, but the truth is at every time we all need carbohydrates for powering the body. Carbohydrates are energy giving food and most times they are as the power house food for the body to perform every required functions in the body.


While dieting is also very important, the need for colourful fruits and vegetables and food rich in fiber are very important when losing weight is been talked about.


Also, while people talk about losing Weight, a lot of time what people really need to consider is having healthy fat, or adjusting their fat level. While weight loss refers to the decrease in water, muscle size and fat volume from the overall body, fat loss refers to the decrease in fat weight in the body.

A lot of time, what people really need is fat loss not weight loss. Fat loss also have several positive functions on the body compared to weight loss. Fat loss promotes eradication of cardiovascular diseases, reduces related age diseases, and regain fat regain. Fat loss is more important because it improves and keep in balance the body’s balance at all time.


How do we lose fat to maintain a healthy body figure

Let me give an example.

Woman A is taking a strict diet that involves almost no carbohydrates and no exercises.

Woman B is on a good diet that involves some carbohydrates and some very flexible diet.

Which of these two do you think is likely to lose some weight and fat easily?

Woman B is very much likely to lose weight and fat easily, get committed easily and adjust easily.


Like I said early you can still consume some level of carbohydrates while focusing on maintaining a good weight and fat level. The most important thing to do is considered a healthy diet routine. And when I mean a healthy diet routine, the diet should be flexible enough to continue at all time.


As a starter, you should probably just adjust about thirty percent of your diet routine. Healthy eating involves a lot of discipline, and most eating habit has been bought for years, months and weeks. When it comes to sugar and people who often consume sugar based food, either processed or unprocessed. The most important you need to know is for every sugar you consume there is already an addiction in your gut to them so your body easily want them and if you are not careful it will be a difficult task to stay on healthy eating.


Consume Protein diet

Protein are very important class of food for various body functions. The need for enzymes to regulate, help with digestion and energy production, promote healthy immune and maintain balance is very important.


Eating protein is not only useful for the above functions, research has shown eating proteinous food with reduced calories diet will help you maintain a good muscle and speed up the process of fat loss.

Protein needs differs by age, sex, and daily physical activity level. While most people in Nigeria feels it is very hard to find healthy protein to incorporate into our diet. Protein diet routine are very possible with Nigeria indigenous foods. The likes of beans can be made into varieties of recipe and still maintain it proteinous nature.



Exercise is one of the most effective and recommended way to lose fat.

While I have seen a lot of people stay on certain diet and keep hoping to speed up their fat loss, it is very important that dieting alone can never bring a very effective or speedy result in weight loss, neither would it bring a speedy result with fat loss.

Weight loss or Fat loss? Which is healthier and essential?

One of the most interesting thing about diet is the fact that certain diet component helps is breaking down fat during biochemical reactions that occurs after consumption, it is also very important that exercises then pushes the body to push harder which at times then leads to passing out unnecessary or non useful fat in the body. The need for the body to generate internal heat for fat breakage is often dependent on some level of activities we perform and just some percentage also depends on dieting. Exercises like walking, squatting, planks, sit-ups. Exercises and dieting is a very perfect way to get optimized result.


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Weight loss or Fat loss? Which is healthier and essential?

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