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What Doctor Maduka Will Do After His Emergence As PDP Flag Bearer

What Doctor Maduka Will Do After His Emergence As PDP Flag Bearer

As the coast gets clearer for the emergence of Doctor Godwin Maduka as the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming primary election on June 26, there is palpable excitement within the Anambra PDP family for having the right candidate that will change the fortune of the party: from being a perennial opposition to a ruling party.


Across the 21 local government areas of Anambra State, members of PDP, including the statutory delegates have expressed their immortal convictions and unshakeable optimism that Doctor Maduka is the only person with all that is required to guarantee a successful outing for the party on November 26.


But can anyone blame the delegates for such a far-reaching conclusion?


Placing love for the party ahead of parochial interests, they have realised that a victory for Maduka is a victory for all. And judging by the expected political war ahead, they know it is no time for gambling with candidates that cannot match and surpass the firing power of the ruling party in terms of academic qualifications, marketable track records, mass appeal and popularity, and a candidate with a convincing and people-oriented manifesto.



Also, they knew the party needs a candidate with the requisite financial muscle to prosecute the coming election, which political observers in the state have noted will be among the most expensive in the state’s history.


Dr Godwin Maduka, despite the growing solid supports from the PDP delegates, and the national, state, and local government party leaders, and elder statesmen and women as well as political leaders from other geopolitical zones, has assured that he will not take the trust on him for granted. He believes that ‘for whom much is given much will also be required of.

What Doctor Maduka Will Do After His Emergence As PDP Flag Bearer
What Doctor Maduka Will Do After His Emergence As PDP Flag Bearer

Being a grassroots politician and a believer in collective victory, after his emergence at the primary, he has vowed to do all it takes to unite the party for the progress and eventual victory of the party.


Out of his humble disposition, he recognises that he cannot walk alone on the road to Agu Awka. He continues to call for the collective efforts of all the delegates, co-aspirants, and party leaders as well as that of every stakeholder to convincingly dislodge the ruling party at the polls come November.



He equally understands the need to harness the talents and abilities of all to transform the state in the areas of world-class healthcare service delivery and other critical infrastructures, agricultural development, tourism and entertainment development, manufacturing and food production, power and waste management, water and air transportations as well as foreign direct investments amongst others.



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