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What does Soludo wish to gain by dragging Umeoji

What does Soludo wish to gain by dragging Umeoji

Our attention has been drawn to the concocted subterfuge being circulated in the digital space as, “What you should know about Soludo and Umeoji Families” by a certain Uzochiwala Ifeanyi Ogwatter which is simply a calculated deceit written with the purpose to deceive the general public and as well blackmail Rt. Hon Chukwuma Umeoji – MHR, KSJI, the frontline Gubernatorial hopeful for APGA from exercising his constitutional right to vote and be voted for.


What does Soludo wish to gain by dragging the resting soul of Late Sir Andy Umeoji, the father of Hon Chukwuma Umeoji into his politics of calumny?


It is pathetic and disappointing that a man of Prof Soludo’s Calibre continues to show and prove to the public that he can’t run his campaign on quality track records, verifiable antecedents and issue based politics but rather blackmail and frivolous propaganda. Their recent resort to blackmail is a prove that there is absolutely nothing to project Soludo with as he continues to descend so low by providing his media hirelings distorted history and lies for the sole aim of disparaging the wonderful image of the Umeoji family and their late father.



Does it mean Soludo and his pen assassins lack respect for the dead ?

It is imperative to note that at no time in history did Soludo as an undergraduate joined the elders committee that came to St Peters Secondary School, Achina to call Late Sir Andy Umeoji to contest for House of Assembly in Old Anambra State under the platform of NPN.


The three elderly men that made up the elders committee were;

• Late Hon Umeojiako
• Late Chief Nnadozie and
• Nze Willie Okeke who later became the founding Chairman of APGA in Aguata LGA .



Late Sir Andy Umeoji was still a School Principal then at St Peters Secondary School, Achina when the three (3) elders came calling. Late Sir Umeoji had to retire from active service when he agreed to contest the House of Assembly Election as against the lies by the mischievous Ifeanyi that he was a retired School Principal.


Among the three elders that came to call Late Sir Andy Umeoji to contest the House of Assembly Election in Old Anambra State, only Nze Willie Okeke is still alive today.



For the purpose of setting the records straight, Soludo’s spin writers should consult Nze Willie Okeke to get accurate information of the past events as it happened.


The cynical attempt to dissuade the supporters of Hon Umeoji and possibly blackmail the next Governor of Anambra State by the grace of God is a total waste of time and energy.


It is supposed that all aspirants at this point should be working hard to win the delegates to their side and not seeking shortcuts through frivolous propaganda and blackmails. Nigeria is currently practicing a democratic system of government not Gerontocracy where governance is reserved exclusively for some group of people just because they are old.


Whoever wishes to lead must prove his popularity in the field through a credible and fair process and this should guide the modus operandi of any aspirant taking part in the forth coming primaries.


Rt. Hon Chukwuma Umeoji New Media.

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