What happened to Adams Oshiomole compared to Peter Obi in 2017

Chinedu Obigwe says “I likened what happened to Oshiomole in Edo State to what happened to Peter Obi in Anambra State in the 2017 governorship election and Peter Obi Olumba Olumba bewitched E-rats started calling me names.”

“There is no difference between what happened to Oshiomole in Edo State to what happened to Peter Obi in Anambra State in the last 2017 governorship election.

Am a student of history that likes storing history of events in my brain and if need be, I can easily use my pen to reel out the stored history.

In the build up to the 2017 governorship election, Peter Obi was seeing himself as a demigod.

He over-rated himself and gave his followers the impression that Obiano is nobody.

He always claim to be the one that made Obiano what he is both in the banking sector and as Anambra Governor.

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What happened to Adams Oshiomole compared to Peter Obi in 2017

If you engage Peter Obi supporters that are mostly from Agulu his home town and Anaocha his LGA on a one on one discussion to know the reason why they are fighting Obiano.

You will realise that they have the impression that Obiano is nobody before Peter Obi made him Governor.

I did what I just said now in the past before the 2017 governorship election.

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I made out time to sneak into one of the meetings of Peter Obi supporters that was convened on the platform of Peter Obi our leaders forum.

They held the meeting at King David Hotel Awka.

When I sneaked into the meeting, I stayed until they finished.

After the meeting, I unmasked myself for them and many of them were surprised because they have been hearing of Akaekpuchionwa.

The meeting was convened by Peter Obi Chief propagandist in the person of the coward called Valentine Obienyem, Engr Patrick Obi, former Commissioner for Housing under Peter Obi and many close political followers of Peter Obi.

They organised the meeting to give some misguided youth orientation on how to be blackmailing Governor Obiano.

I tried talking to some of them on the need for them to sheath their sword and stop witch hunting Obiano for peace to reign between him and Peter Obi.

My pleas to them fell on deaf ears and that was when I decided to launch a merciless media war against Peter Obi.

My reason for launching a media war against him was because sneaking into there meeting made me to understand that there main plan was to use the media to rubbish Obiano and his achievements in Anambra State.

So that same strategy that they intended using against Governor Obiano was the same strategy I decided to use against Peter Obi and that is where we are today.

Call any supporter of Peter Obi to talk to the person about what they are doing against Obiano and you will see that they hated him for no reason.

They will always tell you that Peter Obi made Obiano whom he is today and that claim is sickening to me.

It makes me to see Peter Obi as somebody that is playing God.

In that 2017 governorship election, Peter Obi moved to all the nook and crannies of Anambra State boasting on how he is going to stop Obiano’s well deserved 2nd term re election.

He even went as far as boasting in national dailies that he will use the last drop of his blood to stop Obiano’s re election but he failed at last.

The hatred he had for Obiano was not hidden because it clearly manifested itself in that 2017 governorship election just that humans are not God and the ultimate will of God will always prevail.

My happiness is that humans are not God and anyone that plays God in the affairs of his or her fellow human being will be clothed with disgrace, shame and humiliation as it happened to Peter Obi and Oshiomhole.

Am also a living witness to the supremacy of the will of God.

I have many testimonies to backup my claim of being a living witness to the supremacy of the will of God.

In our society, we have many people playing God that will always ask the useless question of who is he?

They will even answer the question by themselves by saying that the person they are referring to is nobody.

God kept a record of David demystifying Goliaths in the bible for
those kind of people to read and see reason to always be humble and to avoid playing God.

The Bible made us to understand that Goliath was a strong giant but a small David that he underrated demystified him.

Each time you play God just know that you are on a suicide mission.

So whatever you do in life avoid playing God because doing that will be in your best interest.

Am happy that the bragging Oshiomole has been reduced to nothing just the same way the bragging Peter Obi was reduced to nothing in the last 2017 governorship election.

Daalu nu.”

Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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