What is life like at age 45?

What is life like at age 45?

I’m 49 and I can tell you that most people start going downhill after age 40.


The cuties you once thought were hot in high school have all morphed into wildebeests.


At about 45, some people begin what’s known as a mid-life crises. That’s when you wake-up and realize that you’re not where you thought you’d be at 45 and then get deeply depressed about your failures. This is when most marriages fall apart too.


At mid 40’s, you begin feeling aches and pains you’ve never felt before. Many in their 40’s develop serious health issues which is nothing more than accumulation of all the junk food and bad habits people had in their 20’s/30’s. You also realize in your 40’s that most people don’t give a shit about you and that friends fall off as they marry or move-on.


The reality of life at this age begins to create a deep awareness of many things…one of those things is, the feeling of being invincible slowly goes away. You being to ponder about the deep things in life, such as religion and God. And you begin to question the true source of your happiness.

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