What it means to eat in the Dream – Father Oluoma

Reverend Father Oluoma Chineye John, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, clarified one of the most asked questions – ” What does it mean to eat in the dream”.


Father Oluoma explains in the video that was uploaded to his official Facebook account an hour ago, that the problem people are having is lack of understanding and that is why they are easily deceived and placed under unnecessary pressure.


Fada Oluoma debunked that it is a wrong interpretation to say that when someone eats in the dream, he’s under attack, or they are pursuing the person or the person is possessed. He said that was not true.

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Fada Oluoma claims he eats in the dream even as a priest. He said he had been eating in the dream way back before he became the priest. And some people will tell you when you eat in the dream that you will not become what you wanted to be.


He buttresses that biblically, there is no place in the Bible, that eating in dreams is a symptom of a demonic attack. He added that when you check the Bible you will see that it is God who fed people in their sleep. An example he made was Elijah that eat the food of an angel on his way to Mount Horeb. Also, he mentioned Peter who was told in the dream by God to kill and eat.


He lastly quotes Mark 16, where Jesus says even if they eat deadly things, it won’t harm them. He said for that reason, eating in dreams is not a bad thing. Don’t allow people to deceive you.

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